Late-night visitors to the Posting Wall in Haven Hall are often
treated to a performance by one of the many dance groups on campus.
Around midnight, the hall is used to hold practices, and the groups
usually welcome onlookers to watch the dance routines. Funktion and
Dance 2xs frequently occupy the area and provide passers-by with
energetic and invigorating performances.

They are usually practicing for the many shows they headline. Be
it Dance Marathon or one of the many cultural shows, these groups
are sought for their spirited and innovative performances. Tonight,
they are able to star in their own show — Dance Mix 2004.

Along with Impact, Indigo, Rhythm, Element 1, Climax,
PureDanceXtreme, Groove and the Bhangra team, these two dance
groups complete a diverse ticket for an eclectic show. Dance Mix
will also showcase 2xs from the University of Illinois at

Dance 2xs co-manager Tracee Chin notes, “This show is
unique because it showcases several of the performance dance groups
on campus. So many different types of dancing are represented, and
each group has its own style.”

Dance Mix is organized by a board that consists of a couple of
people from each performance group. This board arranges for the
venue, funding and publicity for the show. They decide the length
of each performance and what groups will receive invitations to
join in the show.

“It’s somewhat unique in the sense that it is a
self-sufficient production, put on by the performers
themselves,” says Business School senior and Dance 2xs
performer Sujeet Rao. “For this reason, there’s always
tremendous energy and mutual respect among the groups.”

This show is unusual in that so many student performance groups
take part in it. “You are exposed to every student group
— from all across the board,” says LSA senior Jigar
Astik, who attended the previous Dance Mix shows. “Instead of
going to nine different shows, you get to see them all in one

Audience members will be treated to an even more impressive show
this year because of a more distinct roster. “This
year’s show includes some groups who haven’t previously
performed in Dance Mix, and it’s the most diverse as
it’s ever been,” noted Chin. “This year’s
program includes hip-hop, jazz, tap, breaking, Bhangra and

First-time Dance Mix performer and Business School senior Amish
Shah is is a member of a new percussion group called Groove.
“I’ve known about the show for the last few years and
it is a high profile show,” Shah notes. “For Groove to
be a part of that in our first year is an exciting opportunity for
us as a new group.”

Since the performances vary so much, they are in no way
competing with one another. Each group brings a particular quality
to the show, uniting the dance community in one celebratory
culmination of a long year of performances.

“It’s nice to see all of these different groups
support each other so much. On top of that, the audience is always
so amazing and so supportive,” Chin says. “All of this
makes being a part of Dance Mix an incredible and fun

Rao echoes those sentiments, noting that the dancers push
themselves to impress one another. “Even when other groups
are performing, you can hear other performers cheering and yelling
out people’s names on stage — it’s
surreal,” he said.

Rao notes in awe, “That’s what the whole show is
about though: one love, one passion — dance.”

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