1.  Los Angeles Dodgers 9-3

Last season, the Dodgers went 14-24 against the Giants and
Padres. This season, they have a 7-2 record against their N.L. West

2.  Houston Astros 9-4

Hidalgo is hitting .431 with 4 home runs and 19 RBI’s,
while ex-Yankee Clemens is 3-0 with a .87 ERA. Steinbrenner and
Cashman must be pissed.

3.  Chicago White Sox 8-4

”This is going to be my last contract, and I have to take
advantage of that.” — Ordonez justifying his five-year,
$70 million contract proposal.

4. Boston Red Sox 6-5

Yes, the Red Sox have won two of three against the Yanks. But
it’s April! They have never beaten the Yankees when it has
mattered: October.

5. New York Yankees 6-6

It doesn’t matter how good you are. There’s always a
period of adjustment. A-Rod is having jitters just like Giambi did
last season.

6.  Florida Marlins 8-4

Maybe Cabrera really is the next Pujols. The 21-year-old has six
homers so far this season, and already wears a huge championship

7.  Anaheim Angels 7-5

Vladimir Guerrero might have been the best offseason pick-up of
the season. 5-foot-7 Eckstein is one of the most underrated SS in
the league.

8.  Oakland Athletics 7-4

Zito, Hudson and Mulder will need to carry a team of bad hitters
to make a fifth consecutive playoffs. The A’s may be
baseball’s version of the T-Wolves.

9.  Detroit Tigers 7-5

Tigers GM Dombrowski on free agency: “Did we overpay in
certain cases? Probably. But we had to give our fans something that
they can root for.”

10.  Baltimore Orioles 7-4

Orioles have won four straight including three of five from Red
Sox. That’s surprising considering it took Tejada eight games
to hit his first home run.

11.  Minnesota Twins 8-4

The Twins continue to over-achieve. Center fielder Lew Ford is
batting .417 with eight RBI’s in just seven games this
season. Who is Lew Ford?

12.  Chicago Cubs 6-6

Baker denies reports that he told close friends Prior may need
Tommy John surgery. Prior was expected back mid-May. Now? Who

13.  Pittsburgh Pirates 7-5

One of the worst teams in the past decade continues to win. The
Pirates blasted the Mets 8-1 yesterday behind seven solid innings
from Kris Benson.

14.  St. Louis Cardinals 6-7

The “best fans in baseball” haven’t been too
happy with the sloppy defense and poor pitching. Cards should ask
McGwire for some Thickburgers.

15.  New York Mets 5-7

Piazza has just one error in four games at first base this
season, Wilson has a 1.08 catcher ERA and Kaz looks like the real

16.  Texas Rangers 6-7

Without A-Rod, the Rangers are leading both leagues in batting
average at .318, and team pitching ranks a respectable 14th.

17.  San Francisco Giants 5-7

Giants fans are jealous of the Dodgers’ fast start. Barry
Bonds’s back must be hurting — he’s carrying the
entire team.

18.  San Diego Padres 6-6

“PETCO park might be the place where homers go to die, but
PETCO stores are where animals go to die.” – Dan Shannon, a
PETA campaign coordinator, on plans of placing a secret message in
a brick at PETCO park.

19.  Tampa Bay Devil Rays 5-6

Former Yankees bench coach Don Zimmer watched the April 14th
Yankees-Devil Rays game from the bleachers at Yankee Stadium.

20. Montreal Expos 2-10

Are you still with me? Outstanding! The Expos are off to another
miserable year, and injuries to Johnson and Everett make things
even worse.

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