MSA: Muslims Suck Association

SAFE: Students Allied for Fadi’s Ego

SOLE: Still Only Lily-whitE

IFC: Imbecilic Fucking Chumps

BAMN: Bumbling through life By Any Means Necessary

IASA: Indians Aren’t So Awesome

YAF: You Asshole Facists

MSA: Masturbating Sorority Affliction

BSU: Bitching Silliness and ConfUsion

AWA!: Anyone? Why An Exclamation point?

HEADS: Heads Equals A Durty Sanchez

LGBTC: Licking Grabbing Biting Tying Club

KMFDM: Kill My Fuckin’ Dog Man

ROTC: IRaqi Oil Through SuiCide

SAC: Students Against Cancer

SFL: Students Fomenting Lust

UAC: Underfunded Asshole’s ProjeCts

C.R.E.A.M. get the money. Dolla, dolla bills. y’all.

Z.J.A: Zac, Jess, Aubrey – Rape Machine

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