Make your grandparents proud. Stand up for democracy. Prove to legislators that “kids today” are good for something. Get a sticker. Earn your right to complain about your government. Besides, everyone knows that if you don’t vote, the terrorists win.

Sarah Royce


Dick DeVos’s lack of political experience and hard-right social views make Gov. Jennifer Granholm the better option for Michigan’s governor, despite her lackluster four years in office. The Daily endorses JENNIFER GRANHOLM for governor.

Republican candidate Michael Bouchard’s has done a good job as Oakland County sheriff, but his campaign has focused almost exclusively on security. U.S. Senator DEBBIE STABENOW has the right combination of vision and experience needed to represent Michigan in the U.S. Senate.

Rep. John Dingell, who has been in Congress for more than 50 years, is currently the body’s longest-serving member – and for good reason. At 80, the U.S. representative is still going strong; re-elect JOHN DINGELL.

Of the nine candidates for the University Board of Regents, two stand out. Vote JULIA DONOVAN DARLOW and KATHY WHITE for regent.

The Democratic incumbent for the 18th District state Senate has concrete plans for voting reform and draws on a decade spent in a state Legislature that is short on experienced members thanks to term limits. Vote LIZ BRATER for state senator.

As one of Ann Arbor’s most informed and progressive activists, as well as a willing representative of students, REBEKAH WARREN is the Daily’s choice for state representative for the 53rd District.

Ann Arbor cannot hope for someone who represents its ideals much more passionately than Mayor JOHN HIEFTJE. For that and his innovative proposals for the city, such as mass transit plans, the Daily supports him for re-election.

As if the alliterative appeal of “Councilman Kunselman” weren’t enough, STEPHEN KUNSELMAN is also the most qualified candidate for Ann Arbor City Council from the 3rd Ward; the Daily supports him for City Council.


Vote YES on PROPOSAL 1 to make sure state park user fees stay where they belong.

The so-called Michigan Civil Rights Initiative would do much more to deny opportunities and spawn lawsuits than it would do to promote the “equality” its backers say it would bring. Vote NO on PROPOSAL 2.

No matter how much you hate doves, there’s no need to shoot them. And remind your hunting friends that no one is trying to take away their guns. Vote NO on PROPOSAL 3.

We’re not a fan of sneaky City Council members taking your land to build a strip mall, but the Michigan Supreme Court already ruled to prevent that in 2004. Vote NO on PROPOSAL 4.

Proposal 5 might be flawed as a piece of public policy, but securing education funding is better than the prospect of another few years of cuts. Vote YES on PROPOSAL 5.

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