There are an infinite number of good reasons to vote today. It’s the foundation of our democracy; it’s a way for you to have a voice; your high school civics teacher would be proud; you get a sticker. Or maybe you’re just comfortable living in the United States and don’t want to have to move to Canada if John McCain wins. Whatever the reason, vote today. And when you’re in the voting booth, keep these things in mind.


John McCain may not be George W. Bush, but he is certainly not the respectable, reasoned politician he was a decade ago. In Barack Obama, we have an inspirational leader, someone who, despite his inexperience, can unify this country when we need it the most. BARACK OBAMA should be the next president of the United States.

With just six years of experience in the Michigan House of Representatives and a standard deck of conservative anti-tax, pro-family policies, Jack Hoogendyk has neither the experience nor the ideas needed to warrant bucking Michigan’s 30-year-incumbent CARL LEVIN in the U.S. Senate race.

Running on his limited public service record, Republican Jack Lynch is putting up a symbolic fight against Ann Arbor’s long-time Rep. John Dingell, but that’s about it. JOHN DINGELL is still the right person to represent the 15th Congressional District.

In one of Michigan’s closest and most symbolic races, Tim Walberg — the archetypal right-wing social conservative — should be defeated by moderate Democrat MARK SCHAUER to represent the 7th Congressional District.

Though four major-party candidates are running, only LAURENCE DEITCH and DENISE ILITCH have the experience and vision necessary to serve on the University of Michigan Board of Regents.

Main sponsor of the Great Lakes Compact, advocate for students and civil rights proponent, REBEKAH WARREN continues to impress after two years as the representative for the 53rd District in Michigan’s House of Representatives.

While LSA senior and Libertarian candidate Eric Plourde should be applauded for his intelligent contribution to this year’s mayoral campaign, he’s no mayor. That title should still belong to Ann Arbor’s award-winning, eco-friendly incumbent JOHN HIEFTJE.

With only the sacrificial and extremely misguided Republican John Floyd standing in his way, the inexperienced but well-reasoned CARSTEN HOHNKE should be elected to Ann Arbor’s Ward 5 City Council seat.

The next time you get a minor in possession or protest the fact that your heat doesn’t work by withholding your rent, you can rest assured you’ll get a fair day in court if you vote CHRIS EASTHOPE for 15th District Court judge.


Vote YES on PROPOSAL 1 to allow terminally ill and severely injured people to have one more option to ease their pain: marijuana.

Opponents’ are lying when they say that the ballot initiative will open the door for human cloning, increase your taxes and allow unrestricted science. Voting YES on PROPOSAL 2 will use otherwise-discarded embryos to save lives and bring much-needed research to Michigan.

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