To the Editor:

March 21st was Mother’s Day in the Middle East. Normally, mothers and grandmothers would be busy collecting gifts, cards and roses from family members. This year was different. This year, the Syrian dictator murdered those women, ordered the rape of those women, and ensured that this beautiful day turned into a day of tragedy and mourning. Modest estimates put the death toll in Syria at 11,000. Tens of thousands more are being detained and tortured. Homes are being destroyed. For what? What could possibly make a dictator lash out in such an inhumane way? All of this is because the people of Syria are asking for freedom, democracy and just a little bit of dignity.

The world has failed to respond. In the United Nations, Russia and China continue to veto any resolution that does more than tell Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad that hes doing something bad. President Barack Obama has been dragging his feet, only to condemn Bashar al-Assad in a few sound bites here and there. Words are no longer enough. As humans, we have an ethical responsibility to support each other. We should be encouraging humanitarian intervention in Syria. Something as basic as sending medical equipment and food would go a long way in a place where people are dying for lack of access to hospitals.

It’s also in our interest to gain an ally in the region for diplomatic reasons. If we support Syria, Syria will support us in our attempts to encourage security in the area. Iran is only a border away. Israel is right around the corner. Iraq is right next-door. Syrians would be greatly appreciative of U.S. support in such a critical time. They will not forget it. Just like we were on the right side of history by liberating Jews in the concentration camps of Hitler, we can be on the right side of history again by encouraging the democratic movement in Syria.

Iman Abdulrazzak
Law student

Correction Appended: A previous version of this article misspelled the author’s first name.

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