Sorry we’re a bit late on this, but in the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, Daily Sports would like to express our thanks to the following:

Morgan Morel
Daily Sports thanks Charlie Weis for helping us find the offensive mastermind deep inside all of us. (AP PHOTO)

The Michigan hockey team’s first line, as T.J. Hensick, Kevin Porter and David Rohlfs are responsible for about half of the team’s goals scored.

Fans at Yost keeping the “C-ya” cheer alive, despite numerous (futile) attempts by the athletic department to quell it.

Jack Johnson staying in Ann Arbor. The NHL can wait – right, Jack?

Minnesota. We didn’t want to get too excited about winning our first College Hockey Showcase game in three years.

Lloyd Carr’s respectable fashion sense. We may have lost to Ohio State, but at least our coach doesn’t look like Mr. Rogers.

Mike Hart. For never dropping the ball. Literally.

Alan Branch doing “The Claw” as he comes off the field and the opponent prepares to punt.


The Michigan Marching Band. Who thought more than 100 people simultaneously dancing to “Thriller” could still be cool 20 years after it came out?

The women’s cross country team. The football team won’t feel lonely as a third-place team in Wolverine land.

Weboggle.shackworks.com for countless hours of entertainment.

That the football team’s consolation prize is the Rose Bowl.

And that the opponent there could be Notre Dame. Who wouldn’t love to see the Irish get creamed twice by Michigan in one season?

Chris Berman – for being with leather.

Isiah Thomas for providing an easy target for sports columnists worldwide.

Whoever started the “Fire Millen” chant.

The guy who invented the frozen carbonated beverage. Who thought anything so delicious could be so cheap?

Men’s cross country coach Ron Warhurst for always having a great quote.

The Tigers. For a few weeks, we actually forgot about how bad the Lions are.

International maritime law. No explanation needed.

Michigan State. For being desperate enough to actually offer the football coaching job to Tom Izzo.

YouTube. Where we can relive sports highlights and much more frequently, lowlights, one video at a time.

High-definition television. Yeah, it makes sports look pretty good.

That Crisler Arena can’t stand forever.

Brent Petway’s rapping. We’re looking forward to your newest hit, “No. 67.”

Charlie Weis, for giving hope to everyone who just throws the ball deep down the field in NCAA Football ’07 that they, too, can be considered offensive masterminds.

The Michigan volleyball team. For providing hope that the basketball team’s horrible nonconference schedule won’t keep it from the NCAA Tournament this year.

The BCS system. For nothing.

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