With the end of the semester approaching
for some and graduation for others, students may be wondering how
they are going to spend their summer. Whether serving as an aide to
a member of Congress or preparing sandwiches at Jimmy John’s,
finding the right job can prove testing. As the job market
continues to dwindle, seniors and other students alike should take
advantage of the University’s Career Center resources to alleviate
common job stresses. With walk-in advising available throughout the
workweek and knowledgeable counselors at students’ disposal, the
Career Center encompasses any and all aspects in the job search.
Services range from guidance on choosing a concentration to
video-taped interviews to help students practice for the real

Kate Green

Few students know what they want to do when they grow up.
Although students have four years to explore different avenues
through various academic studies, having some sort of direction
sooner instead of later is critical when looking for a job. For
first- or second-year students who want to flesh out their
interests, the Career Center offers career-assessment tests to
define their interests, skills and values. Furthermore, advisors
are available for tips on choosing a concentration. This is a great
way to enter into the vast world of career opportunities.

Finding a job or internship requires a written resume. Students
new to the job-quest field can enjoy services such as the “how to”
of resume writing, including a lengthy list of descriptive verbs to
spice up a resume, and samples that serve as a guide for first-time
resume writers. This service is one of many conveniently accessible
online. During walk-in advising hours, counselors will review a
student’s resume and make suggestions for improvement.

Perhaps the most beneficial elements of the Career Center is
their online recruitment system, MploymentLink, that offers job and
internship postings to keep students aware of openings. It is also
an important tool for comparing various offers to fit students’
employment needs.

If for nothing more than to learn more about what the Career
Center has to offer, students should visit it for assistance,
advice and to obtain the organizational skills needed to apply for
jobs and internships. It seems that so often students complain
about rising tuition fees and other expensive costs, while
continually overlooking the many benefits that are free.

The Career Center can do its part by encouraging students to
take advantage of its services. Many students are unaware of the
benefits the Career Center has to offer. Considering that the end
of the semester is upon us, students should be eager to utilize the
Career Center to its potential. It is a positive resource at the
University, serving to help students and alumni in what has become
an increasingly difficult job market. So while studying for finals,
and hoping for that A, students should explore the resources that
can help them along the way.

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