Two candidates are squaring off this Tuesday for Rebekah Warren’s vacant seat to represent the 53rd District in the state House — Democrat Jeff Irwin and Republican Chase Ingersoll. And though the election hasn’t taken place yet, Ingersoll has already said that the only chance he has of winning would be if Irwin found himself embroiled in a scandal.

Ingersoll’s social platforms are starkly at odds with the values held by many residents of the 53rd District — an area known for its large liberal population. Especially troubling are Ingersoll’s negative views on higher education. He’s not only against further funding of higher education — he’s also against the idea of higher education, stating on a questionnaire from that he’s “embarrassed how I naively participated in the ‘higher education racket’.”

Irwin has extensive experience in office after serving as a member of the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners for the past eleven years. His track record of advocacy for the preservation of the environment and the Great Lakes highlights his progressive views on a very important issue. This stance also shows some potential in the effort to create green jobs and green energy — another issue in which Irwin earns praise for his record. The LGBT community also counts Irwin as both a friend and an ally. He says he will work extensively with LGBT groups in the future to move the cause forward.

Irwin’s stances on most issues and initiatives are favorable and coupled with his many years of experience, there’s no doubt he’ll do a good job taking over for outgoing Rep. Rebekah Warren and serving in the 53rd District seat of the Michigan House. The Daily endorses JEFF IRWIN for the 53rd District.

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