The Michigan Daily recently elected a new class of editors whose terms will begin in January and run through the end of 2009.

The paper’s editor in chief and editorial page editor are elected in a staff-wide election, while editors for the news, arts and sports sections are elected by their individual staffs. Senior editors at the paper appoint other key positions, including the managing editor, who serves as the newspaper’s second in command.

Gary Graca, who currently serves as the editorial page editor, will lead the Daily as its editor in chief next year.

Graca, a junior in the Ford School of Public Policy, said he plans to focus on improving the newspaper’s website. He said two of his top priorities are “fitting the Daily into what campus wants and showing people we exist online, not just on paper.”

“We’re facing challenges we’ve never had before,” he said, referring to the struggling print journalism industry.

Graca said he also hopes to expand coverage to meet the interests of more students.

Ross School of Business junior Courtney Ratkowiak was appointed managing editor. She is currently a senior sports editor.

Ratkowiak said she looks forward to working with Graca to increase the Daily’s online coverage and accessibility.

“By the end of next semester, we hope to have the new website up and start targeting students more,” she said.

Ratkowiak said she also hopes to improve internal matters like training new writers.

Business School sophomore Jacob Smilovitz, who was elected managing news editor, said he wants to make the paper’s coverage connect with the student body more than it currently does.

“We will make sure the Daily covers the issues that affect the University’s current students and future graduates that give not only a sense of a life in Ann Arbor, but also prepare our readers for a life outside of the campus community,” he said.

LSA junior Robert Soave, currently the assistant editorial page editor,
was elected to lead the opinion section.

LSA junior Andy Reid will assume the role of managing sports editor. Reid currently serves as a senior sports editor.

Public Policy junior David Watnick was elected managing arts editor. Watnick is the current music editor of the arts section.

Engineering junior Clif Reeder and LSA junior Zachary Meisner were elected co-managing photo editors.

Reeder said he plans to add more online content like slideshows to make photos more accessible.

LSA sophomore Maureen Stych and Angela Chih, a School of Art and Design freshman, will serve as co-managing design editors.

Other positions, including the incoming magazine editor, copy chief, online editor and multimedia editor, have not yet been finalized. Those spots will be nominated by Graca and appointed by the Daily’s senior editors.

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