The Michigan Student Assembly recently announced a pilot program of The New York Times College Readership Program on campus ( While our student assembly has yet to express any endorsement to this program, they’re seeking feedback on an initiative that would add a $4 fee to every student’s tuition bill in order to extend the provision into perpetuity. This $4 fee would provide 3,000 to 4,500 copies of The New York Times daily, “free” to students and distributed around campus at various locations.

The Michigan Daily currently provides 18,000 copies each day to students and Ann Arbor residents. Not only does this student-run paper come at absolutely no cost to the University community, but it includes exclusive local coverage as well as syndicated national coverage provided by The Associated Press.

It seems ridiculous that MSA is asking for hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to provide one-sixth of the service to students that’s already being provided — free — by the Daily. I encourage you all to offer your continued support to the Daily by voting against the MSA proposal to provide The Times to students. I’m not suggesting that the $4 be spent on the Daily instead, but rather saved by the students or used to support other more valuable programs

Kelley Robinson
Business manager of the Michiganensian Yearbook, Ross School of Business junior

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