Instead of completing a masterpiece to be displayed for public in a gallery, Art and Design senior Adamo D’Aristotile has spent his final year at the University developing a corporate identity for a student-run group called Crossing Borders.

Sarah Royce

Crossing Borders is sending six student to Vietnam this summer to work on health research and was in dire need of funding. Luckily, D’Aristotile came to the rescue and was able to help them gain legitimacy in the eyes of donors.

The Michigan Daily: What were the requirements for the project?

Adamo D’Aristotile: It’s a 12-credit capstone course which is six credits over two semesters. All graduating seniors are required to take this class now. You can basically choose what it is you want to do for this course, so having a concentration on graphic design, I decided I wanted to do some design work.

TMD: Why did you choose to get involved with Crossing Borders?

AD: Over the past year or two I have been getting involved with the volunteer world and the nonprofit world. So I decided that I really wanted to look into how the nonprofit world can market itself.

Originally, I was going to work with three different organizations. A friend in the Art School suggested I contact the head of Crossing Borders, David Duong. She said that he needed some design work done –

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