I recently read the Daily’s editorial regarding minor in possession amnesty for those who take alcohol-poisoned friends to the hospital (Sobering up the system, 04/07/2009). I was wondering how much longer we are going to have to hear nonsense like this from the Daily.

Apparently, in the magical world of college drinking, if underage students consume alcohol and some drink excessively to the point of passing out, everyone should get off scot-free. So two wrongs do make a right? Then the Daily has the gall to insinuate that when underage drinkers refuse to take a seriously ill friend to the emergency room out of fear of a misdemeanor, it’s the government’s fault for maintaining draconian drinking laws.

The law needs to change instead of students’ priorities? Really? Do college students really believe that drinking laws exist just to get them in trouble? Maybe the change that needs to take place isn’t in the legislation but rather the culture that normalizes dangerous behavior and tolerates egregious irresponsibility.

If the Daily wants to make an argument for drinking law reform, it can start by acting like a grownup when it comes to taking responsibility for the actions of underage drinkers instead of blaming the “malevolent establishment.”

Adam Ajlouni
LSA senior

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