The Michigan Daily has selected a new slate of top editors.

The new class officially takes over Feb. 1, but it assumes many day-to-day duties on Wednesday.

The entire staff votes on the editor in chief and editorial page editor, while the photo, news, sports and arts staffs elect their respective managing editors. Other positions – including the paper’s managing editor – are appointed by the paper’s senior editors.

LSA junior Andrew Grossman, currently the Daily’s managing news editor, was elected editor in chief. In addition to improving the quality of writing and reporting in the paper, he said he would focus on the Daily’s web presence.

“I think there’s going to be a lot of different ways of telling stories online,” he said.

Grossman, who was a city beat and government beat reporter during his freshman and sophomore years, said he plans on making the website a constantly updated source of information for students.

“We’re going to start updating stories throughout the day, not just once every 24 hours at three in the morning,” he said.

The incoming managing editor, LSA junior Gabe Nelson, said he also wants to improve the paper’s web presence.

“We need to improve the blogs so that they tell people what’s going to be in the paper and supplement what’s already in the paper,” he said.

LSA junior Chris Herring, an associate news editor, will be the next managing news editor. He said he wants to cover a broader spectrum of campus life.

“I really want to improve our coverage as it relates to minorities on campus,” he said. “We don’t ignore them right now, but at the same time we don’t cover them as well as they should be covered.”

Herring said he would add a business beat to the news section to cover stories like students and faculty starting new businesses and how loan companies attract students.

The next managing sports editor, Nate Sandals, a junior in the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, has been a senior sports editor and an associate online editor.

“I hope that we can continue to have depth in our coverage and to also expand our online coverage,” he said.

Sandals said he hopes to accomplish this with more live blogging and game updates for both big and small sports.

Public Policy sophomore Gary Graca will be editorial page editor. He has been an associate editorial page editor and the summer editorial page editor.

Graca also plans to include a wider range of opinions and concerns from campus on the page.

“The issues really get me excited for some of the things that I can help to change on campus for the better,” he said.

LSA senior Chris Gaerig, the incoming managing arts editor, said he wants to improve the section’s multimedia work. Gaerig has been a summer associate arts editor, an associate Statement editor and a music editor.

LSA junior Rodrigo Gaya, the incoming managing photo editor, is an associate photo editor and the sports liaison for the photo section. He said his focus will be on photographer development.

LSA sophomore Jessica Vosgerchian will be magazine editor.

After spending a semester as an associate design editor, LSA sophomore Allison Ghaman will take over as managing design editor.

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