Jean Carlberg has been an enthusiastic
voice representing Ann Arbor’s 3rd ward on the City Council
for the past ten years. She should be given the opportunity to
serve a sixth term and continue to lend her services to the city.

Angela Cesere

She has an impressive track record on environmental issues, but
it is on issues that directly affect Ann Arbor students and Ann
Arbor residents on a day-to-day basis that Carlberg really stands
out. On an issue of prime importance to students, she has made it
clear that she understands the stresses of housing in Ann Arbor. If
re-elected, she has pledged to work closely with landlords and
tenants in order to push back the period for lease signing into the
spring. Currently, she participates in the Campus Neighbors
Group, in which landlords, University representatives, city staff,
student representatives and council members discuss the concerns of
people living in the neighborhoods close to campus. Carlberg
has clearly shown a commitment to dialogue — an important
component in the fight for better student housing.

Another issue that Carlberg has advocated for is the importance
of public transportation within the city as well as the greater
region. A strong believer in public transport, Carlberg wants to
change the routes of Ann Arbor Transportation Authority buses. She
opposes increased parking for private vehicles, which only
contributes to increased traffic and parking dilemmas. Instead, she
argues that the AATA and University provide more than adequate
transportation. An issue of particular importance to students is
transportation between Ann Arbor, Detroit Metropolitan Airport and
the city of Detroit itself. Carlberg has advocated linking the
three together with a high-speed commuter railway that is both fast
and economical.  

Carlberg’s two opponents are Libertarian Rich Birkett and
Green Party candidate Marc Reichardt. Reichardt, admirably,
supports the Greenbelt and is highly concerned with the issue of
racial profiling in Ann Arbor. He strongly believes that the
University has a responsibility to make financial and material
contributions to the city. Surely there is some truth to this.
However, with the University facing critical budget shortfalls,
this request comes at the worst possible time. Either Reichardt is
truly unaware of these budget issues, or his request comes in spite
of them. Either way, this is a highly unreasonable policy to

Libertarian Birkett is the primary author of Proposal C to
legalize medicinal marijuana in Ann Arbor, as well as a Hash Bash
organizer, but does not support affordable housing subsides or a
lease date push back, two issues which are very important to
students and residents of the city.

If re-elected, there is no doubt that Carlberg will continue to
serve the community as she has for the past 20 years. More than any
other candidate, the retired Carlberg has the time to truly serve
Ann Arbor residents. Carlberg has made evident her commitment to
the Ann Arbor by dedicating so much of her time to the council. We
endorse JEAN CARLBERG for the 3rd Ward City Council seat.

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