Are you being led on and spun around by a certain someone? Have you tasted bitter rejection but still won’t quit pursuing? Patiently waiting for them to break up with their actual significant other? Nervously writhing from jealousy? Never fear, this mix tap understands your woes, your pining, your determination. So when all your friends (and random acquaintances in your classes … and your parents) are sick of hearing about it, this mix will provide the empathetic soundtrack to all of your obsess-worthy relationship conundrums.


Side A

1. Man In A Shed — Nick Drake

2. 100,000 Fireflies — Magnetic Fields

3. California Stars — Billy Bragg and Wilco

4. Slip Away — Clarence Carter

5. The Boy With the Thorn in His Side — The Smiths

6. Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance — Bob Dylan

7. I Am Waiting — The Rolling Stones

8. I’ll Be Your Mirror — The Velvet Underground

9. Jellybones — Unicorns

10. Alone Again Or — Love


Side B

1. Outta My Head — M. Ward

2. Little Triggers— Elvis Costello

3. Tired of Waiting for You — The Kinks

4. Buckets of Rain — Bob Dylan

5. Je Ne T’Aime Plus — Manu Chao

6. Where Did You Sleep Last Night — Leadbelly

7. God Only Knows — The Beach Boys

8. Zurich Is Stained — Pavement

9. Living Life — Daniel Johnston

10. Queen Bitch — David Bowie

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