Songwriting poses innumerable challenges for artists. An aspect of this process that is often overlooked is the decision of duration. There are songs of all different lengths, ranging from the 20-second blurbs between longer songs, to sprawling epics that take up huge portions of albums. These songs represent a smattering of short and long songs, all of which represent completely formed ideas that are neither dissatisfying nor long-winded, placed in ascending order by length.


1. N’En Parlon Pas — Melon Galia feat. Conor Oberst

2. Welcome to the Working Week — Elvis Costello

3. You Could Die (Or This Might End) — Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

4. New York Telephone Conversation — Lou Reed

5. Something Against You — The Pixies

6. Twin Falls — Built to Spill

7. Been a Son — Nirvana

8. The Letter — The Box Tops

9. Pacific Palisades — Ash

10. No Sugar Mama — The Von Bondies


1. Shooting Star — Elliott Smith

2. The Queen is Dead (Take Me Back to Dear Old Blightly) — The Smiths

3. A Quick One (While He’s Away — The Who

4. Reservations — Wilco

5. Right On For Darkness — Curtis Mayfield

6. You Can’t Always Get What You Want — The Rolling Stones

7. The Prophet’s Song — Queen

8. Dat Dere — Art Blakey

9. Jesus of Suburbia — Green Day

10. Flamenco Sketches — Miles Davis

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