Techno, one of Detroit’s most important musical exports,
doesn’t really get as much respect here as it does in Europe.
Daily Arts Writer Punit Mattoo presents a basic introduction to
Detroit techno, starting with the old school Belleville Three (Juan
Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May) who, under various aliases,
created the dark, widely imitated Detroit techno sound. Also
included is a visit to the second and third waves of artists who
have branched out from the original sound but haven’t
forgotten their musical roots.


Side A:

1. “Sound of Stereo” — Model 500

2. “Nude Photo” — Rhythim Is

3. “Clear” — Cybotron

4. “No UFOs” — Model 500

5. “Jupiter Jazz” — Underground

6. “Move Me” — Eddie Fowkes

7. “Substance Abuse” — Richie

8. “Televised Green Smoke” — Carl


Side B:

1. “Pump the Move” — E-Dancer

2. “Strings of Life” — Derrick May

3. “Future Shock” — DJ Godfather

4. “Juke” — Stacey Pullen

5. “E.S.P.” — Kenny Larkin

6. “Hyped Up Plus Tax” — Dabrye

7. “Nite Life” — Adult.

8. “Dog Days” — Matthew Dear


Total Time: 85:35

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