Feeling pensive? Intellectual? Emotionally torn? Professors find it so important to pose those uber-helpful rhetorical questions during a rigorous lecture. This mix will attempt the same. Why are artists so inquisitive? Side A boasts a collection of songs doubling as meditative questions. These queries are real thinkers, so take your time conceiving your answers. Side B features a variety of NO answers. Do the titles reflect some sort of Freudian connection of indie rock and the notion of questioning in the larger sense? I have no idea, but enjoy your contemplation.

— Aaron Kaczander

Side A

1. Hello? Is This Thing On? — !!!

2. Is It Wicked Not to Care? — Belle & Sebastian

3. The Future, Wouldn’t That Be Nice? — The Books

4. Why Can’t I Be With You? — The Cure

5. Do You Realize? — The Flaming Lips

6. Will You Come and Fetch Me? — Of Montreal

7. What Difference Does It Make? — The Smiths

8. What Is He Thinking? — The Streets

9. Oh God, Where Are You Know? — Sufjan Stevens

10. Was I In Your Dreams? — Wilco


Side B

1. No, Not Now — Hot Hot Heat

2. No Child of Mine — PJ Harvey

3. No Christmas While I’m Talking — The Walkmen

4. No Dark Things — Echo and The Bunnymen

5. No Legs — Adam Green

6. No Life Singed Her — Pavement

7. No Love Lost — Joy Division

8. No No No — Yeah Yeah Yeahs

9. No One Mourns The Wicked — Wicked

10. No Regrets — The Von Bondies

11. No Weather —Stellastarr

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