Markus Curry, a freshman football cornerback, must serve 12 months probation and pay a $250 fine after pleading guilty yesterday to a charge of assault with no battery.

Paul Wong
Michigan football player Markus Curry was sentenced to a $250 fine and 12 months probation yesterday after pleading guilty to to a charge of assault with no battery to Washtenaw District Court Judge Elizabeth Hines.<br><br>LESLIE WARD/Daily

Curry had been on indefinite suspension from the football team since the incident last November, but was taken off yesterday.

“Markus Curry has been reinstated,” said head football coach Lloyd Carr in a statement.

Washtenaw District Court Judge Elizabeth Hines sentenced Curry yesterday morning to probation, a fine and participation in domestic abuse and community service programs for charges stemming from a December incident. The maximum punishment allowable for the charge is a sentence of 63 days in jail.

“I”m just glad it”s over,” Curry said.

Curry was arrested after he assaulted his girlfriend and prevented her from making a phone call in her South Quad Residence Hall room. He was suspended from the football team for the remainder of the season.

At a hearing last month, two counts of phone tampering and domestic abuse were dropped when Curry pleaded no contest to the charge of assault with no battery.

Curry must serve his sentence and complete three days of service on the Washtenaw County Jail work program by May 1. The work program coordinates community service projects, ranging from picking up trash to larger projects like park improvements.

In addition, Hines stipulated Curry could not be involved in any assault behavior and cannot possess alcohol or drugs at any time during the next 12 months.

During the hearing, Curry”s lawyer, Steven Fischman, asked for two clauses in the original sentence to be removed one requiring court drug and alcohol testing, and another prohibiting Curry from contacting the victim. Fischman said that Curry should be exempt from drug testing because he is tested regularly as a member of the football team. He also said the victim is still dating Curry. Judge Hines consented with both objections.

“I think it”s a very fair result,” Fischman said.

If Curry does not violate the terms of his probation for 11 months, Judge Hines told Curry that she will eliminate the last month. However, she warned Curry to follow his sentencing closely.

“Violation of any terms will result in jail,” she said.

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