This year’s African Cultural Show, entitled “African Nights: Unity,” will be held today at 7 p.m. in the Michigan Union Ballroom. The African Cultural Show will highlight talented student performers; pieces include dances, plays and poems meant to illustrate and encompass the African spirit and experience.

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Ken Matthew, an LSA senior, and other members of the African Cultural Show, put on by the African Student Association, practice their unity dance for their show in the Michigan Union Ballroom today. (Mike Hulsebus /Daily)

LSA junior Remi Alli, the publicity chair of the African Students Association, said that the show’s primary goal is to provide a more positive view of Africa than has been portrayed in the media.

“A lot of the aim is (to) put Africa out there and have (people) realize that although there is a negative stigma, (there is) a lot of beauty attached with Africa that we’d like audiences to see when they come,” Alli said.

Alli said the African Cultural Show would incorporate different elements of popular culture with an African flair. One piece is a skit where seven Africans live together as a parody of MTV’s “The Real World.”Alli said that this year, the ASA worked efficiently to prepare for the cultural show. This year’s experience contrasts with past years’ productions, during which the group has faced internal hurdles.

“We had a lot of enthusiastic members who wanted to dedicate their time (to the show). So we’re really fortunate in that sense; we were really efficient. Last year it was much more difficult,” Alli said.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased for $7 at the door.

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