More than five months after impeachment charges were filed, the Central Student Judiciary decided on the fate of the leadership of the University’s chapter of College Republicans early Wednesday morning. However, the decision is still pending review by the University’s Dean of Students as the organization’s internal struggle continues.

In a document obtained by The Michigan Daily, the CSJ decision explained that the chair and the executive board made some convincing arguments, while others fell short. Eventually, CSJ ruled that the executive board did not have the grounds to impeach its chair, LSA senior Rachel Jankowski. However, it found credence in the executive board’s argument that Jankowski did not give sufficient notice to the group’s membership when she instituted constitutional changes that made it more difficult to impeach her.

Maintaining Jankowski as chair and invalidating the constitutional changes she made allows her to make alterations again in the future as long as she gives ample notice, and also allows the executive board to file for impeachment again as long as they have sufficient proof that she violated the bounds of her position.

“In many ways, the College Republicans’ board has received real-life lessons in the machinations of politics and the consequences of constitutional brinksmanship,” the decision read. “We hope they will consider that a lesson learned and use it to further the organization and principles they purport to represent.”

In a written statement to The Michigan Daily, Jankowski celebrated CSJ’s decision, reiterating that the executive board’s accusations against her were “baseless” and that its attempted impeachment of her was “nothing short of a petty attempt to score cheap political points.”

“Whether the board was attempting to settle some political or personal vendetta against me, or whether they had ulterior motives for attempting to remove me from power, CSJ made the correct recommendation in reinstating me as chair and determining the charges against me to be completely invalid,” Jankowski wrote. “Today’s decision successfully halted a power grab by the members of the executive board.”

Several other members of the University’s chapter of College Republican declined to comment on the verdict, despite multiple interview attempts on Wednesday.

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