The Central Student Government met Tuesday night to discuss a resolution to stand with protesters in Ferguson, Missouri against alleged police brutality, passed a resolution to improve CSG oversight of student rights and responsibilities and proposed a resolution to give more funding to the Student Organization Funding Commission.

Resolution to stand with Ferguson

Following the introduction of a resolution that would express CSG’s solidarity with the people of Ferguson last week, CSG continued discussion on the item but ultimately postponed a vote.

The resolution would pledge CSG’s support for Ferguson residents and decry what many perceived as police brutality in response to protests in the wake of the death of local teenager Michael Brown. Brown, who was Black and unarmed at the time of the shooting, was shot and killed by Darren Wilson, a white Ferguson police officer on Aug. 9. Ferguson residents and people around the nation have protested what they see as racist and violent practices of police officers in the wake of the incident.

Tuesday night, members of The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action attended the assembly and spoke about why the resolution needs to be passed.

“When Black and Latino youths being murdered by police becomes a commonality, something accepted, something gone unchallenged, a call to action becomes necessary,” BAMN organizer Jose Alvarenga said.

Alvarenga said he believes that the response from Ferguson residents following the death of Michael Brown is incredibly inspiring and is something that needs to be replicated everywhere, especially on college campuses.

“Tonight the student government has the opportunity to stand behind Ferguson in their struggle and join the national movement against police brutality and ultimately make the lives of Black and Latino youths safer,” he said.

However, the assembly postponed the vote on the resolution because the authors of the resolution were not present during the meeting, as is necessary.

CSG members said they are hopeful that they will be able to be able to vote on the resolution during next week’s meeting.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Last year, following The Michigan Daily report revealing former kicker Brendan Gibbons was permanently separated from the University after violating the Student Sexual Misconduct Policy, CSG created a task force responsible for investigating and implement policies regarding sexual misconduct. The assembly discussed a resolution Tuesday to propose amendments to some of the language written within the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

The resolution calls for the Code of Conduct Advisory Board to receive monthly confidential reports from the Office of Student Conflict Resolution. In addition, the chair of the Code of Conduct Advisory Board will be trained on how to handle issues regarding sexual misconduct by OSCR.

CSG President Bobby Dishell, a Public Policy senior, explained the benefits of passing the resolution to the assembly.

“Passing this resolution will solidify the policies more for the public and demonstrate that the student body supports measures against sexual misconduct,” he said.

The resolution was passed in a unanimous decision. CSG leadership plans to prepare a press release to inform the student body of the Task Force’s recommendation to improve sexual misconduct procedures.

More funding for the Student Organization Funding Commission

CSG leaders proposed a resolution to amend budget distributions for this semester. The amended budget distributions would call for allocating 50 percent of the annual budget to the Student Organization Funding Commission.

“SOFC is responsible for distributing funds to various groups and organizations on campus as they need for events and other things throughout the school year,” said CSG Treasurer Alex Abdun-Nabi, an LSA senior. “All in all, passing the resolution would ensure that student organizations have the funds they need to be successful,”

“We believe that funding SOFC allows the vibrancy of student orgs to remain and grow and flourish on campus,” Abdun-Nabi said. “By committing significant levels of funding to SOFC, we are able to increase the quality of every Michigan’s students experience on campus.”

The assembly will be continuing discussion on the budget for at least a couple more weeks before it is finalized.

Corrections appended: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that the CSG budget was finalized. Additionally, the previous version failed to say that the amendment to the Statement of Student Rights did pass.

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