The Central Student Government assembly provisionally approved three executive positions at Tuesday’s meeting, after losing multiple meetings as a result of the delayed approval of its 2012 election results last semester.

LSA junior Chris Osborn, LSA sophomore Yuexin Han and Business junior Eric Kibler were conditionally approved as treasurer, chair of Student Organization Funding Commission and chief of staff, respectively. For the second consecutive week, no resolutions were proposed.

In an interview after the meeting, CSG president Manish Parikh, a Business senior, said candidates for the positions would have been nominated and confirmed at the end of the winter 2012 semester had meetings not been lost due to the March 2012 election delays.

Since the executive nominations committee had not yet reviewed the nominations submitted by Parikh and CSG vice president Omar Hashwi, an LSA junior, the positions were only provisionally confirmed. This means they will have to be officially approved next week, as an effort to prevent any further postponements in student government business and provide an additional week to vet the nominees.

“What that means is that we will be approving this person for one week to give the executive nominations committee more time to write their recommendation,” he said. “(But) that will allow these people to begin their work right away.”

Parikh added that CSG’s lack of an executive board made it difficult to reach out to students, particularly freshmen, during Welcome Week. However, he said CSG will continue to make an effort to connect with students they missed now that the positions have been appointed.

“I think through our social media efforts and our new engagement strategies we’ll make up on all that lost time,” he said.

Parikh said he felt strongly about the qualifications of the nominees, and Osborn and Han spoke to the assembly about their candidacies. Kibler had a written statement read aloud, as he was not able to attend the meeting.

Two other executive positions, chief programming officer and student general counsel, have yet to be filled.

In addition to nominating executive positions, the assembly also voted on the chair and vice-chair positions of the resolutions committee and the ethics committee.

LSA senior Andrea Alajbegovic of OurMichigan defeated LSA sophomore Sarah Goomar of youMICH for the vice chair position on the executive nominations committee in the semester’s first competitive election for a committee position.

Business from last spring’s election was discussed yet again as the assembly resolved stalemates for assembly representative seats in the Rackham Graduate School and the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning.

When none of the students involved in either tie attended to indicate their interest in holding an assembly position, the seats were declared vacant.

A second Rackham assembly seat was also made vacant after Jennifer Dibbern resigned from her position as the vice chair of the executive nominations committee and as assembly representative.

According to fellow Rackham student and representative Patrick O’Mahen, a former columnist for The Michigan Daily, Dibbern is no longer a student at the University.

Dibbern, a two-term representative, was previously dismissed from her position as a Graduate Student Research Assistant in the College of Engineering last fall, before changing her academic discipline.

The Graduate Employees Organization, the union for graduate student instructors and graduate student staff assistants at the University, organized a rally and press conference in January alleging that Dibbern was dismissed due to her involvement in GEO.

While two of the 10 Rackham representative seats have been declared vacant, O’Mahen said only two Rackham representatives attend meetings and just three Rackham students registered to run for the open seats in the March 2012 elections.

While six of Rackham’s representatives do not go to meetings, their seats have not been vacated, which raises the number of representatives required to meet quorum — defined as half the number of standing representatives. If the seats are not vacated soon, the assembly could have difficulties making quorum and holding meetings.

In an interview after the meeting, CSG assembly speaker Michael Proppe, a Business junior, said in the upcoming weeks the assembly will look to vacate assembly seats whose holders do not attend meetings.

Proppe added that currently, several Rackham representatives have already acquired eight absences and they will be eligible for removal by accruing four more.

Despite a handful of early vacancies and soon-to-be vacancies, Proppe said he was confident that attaining quorum would not be a problem this year. He added that representatives who have already missed meetings have typically been in contact with him regarding the absences.

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