At the Central Student Government meeting Tuesday night, several resolutions were proposed, including one that would support on-site admissions to the University in Detroit high schools.

Additionally, a proposal to fund the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center’s marketing materials and a resolution to amend the CSG budget to allocate funds to the Student Organization Funding Commission were also discussed. A resolution proposed Nov. 28 to help fund the Golden Apple Award and the corresponding lecture was unanimously passed as well.

The admissions resolution calls for CSG to show its commitment to a diverse campus by supporting on-site admissions in Detroit high schools. The student assembly has previously stated that it believes that this form of recruitment is effective in a resolution to increase minority student enrollment, which was passed during the Winter 2014 semester.

In the on-site admissions process, admissions officers travel to high schools to interview students. Often in the same day or shortly after, an admissions officer reviews a student’s application and tells them if he or she has been accepted.

“It sounds like a well thought out plan,” said Education senior Michael Chrzan, a School of Education representative.

Other CSG members had questions regarding why the University does not currently have an on-site admissions process. Chrzan, an author of the resolution, cited a 2002 Michigan Daily article in which Sally Lindsey, the associate director of admissions at the time, said the University does not hold on-site admissions because it has a “very competitive” admissions process.

Though the University of Michigan-Dearborn has an on-site admissions process, the Ann Arbor campus does not. Other universities such as Michigan State University, the University of Iowa and Western Michigan University practice their own variations of on-site admissions.

Some assembly members wished the resolution better defined the role CSG would take in the practice’s implementation.

“I just want to see some sort of a formulation of a plan of how we can actually get this policy instituted because I think it is really important,” said LSA Representative Bardia Vaseghi, an LSA senior.

Engineering representative Andy Modell, an Engineering senior, referenced the disruption of last week’s meeting of the University’s Board of Regents by members of the group By Any Means Necessary and asked for the proposal to explicitly state that the resolution would be peacefully implemented.

BAMN members also expressed their support of on-site admissions during the meeting.

“It was just the process (on-site admissions) that made us feel as that the university did want students from my school to come there,” BAMN member Leanna Mulholland said, in regards to her own experience with on-site admissions at her Detroit high school.

The legislation was referred to the resolutions committee and will be voted upon at the next CSG meeting.

The other resolutions at the CSG meeting included a proposal to support SAPAC, which asked for $1,200 from CSG’s legislative discretionary account to use for SAPAC advertising materials such as laptop stickers, water bottles and magnets that will be distributed at Winterfest and SAPAC events.

Requests for funding also came from the SOFC resolution. The legislation asked for funds from the reserve, commission discretionary and legislative accounts to allocate up to $27,281.04 to SOFC. Due to an increased request for funding from student organizations, SOFC is predicted to be short approximately $21,000 to $27,000.

Both resolutions were referred to the finance committee and will be voted on during the next CSG meeting.

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