The Central Student Government’s main focus Tuesday night was funding additional power stations in the Shapiro Undergraduate Library to address students’ mounting needs to charge up.

The new electricity expansion proposal would place an additional 67 table-mounted power stations in the UGLi. These would include three power outlets and one USB port each.

Because there were questions about the project’s total cost and the need for charging stations to include USB ports, the resolution was ultimately referred to CSG’s finance committee and will come to a vote at next week’s meeting.

Installation costs would amount to $8,772 — the resolution in place proposes that CSG cover the costs with money from its Legislative Discretionary Fund by transferring it to the UGLi’s facilities coordinator.

According to finance committee chair Jacob Ruby, an LSA junior, CSG evaluated the needs of Hatcher Graduate Library and the Art, Architecture and Engineering Library as well as the UGLi before picking a final destination for the funding.

The UGLi was ultimately chosen because feedback from students and library staff indicated that Shapiro had a greater need for more power outlets and charging stations than the other libraries.

Ruby said the resolution specifically mentions Moiré power stations, designed by Byrne Electrical Specialists, because these are best fit for students’ needs.

“We do have other budgets based on other power outlets,” Ruby said. “We thought that these would be the best so that people wouldn’t steal them, they look good and they’re very easy to use.”

The assembly also voted to fund last week’s police brutality speak out. The resolution, introduced at the last CSG meeting, passed with 34 voting in favor, two against and two abstaining.

The legislation requested $300 from CSG’s Legislative Discretionary account to fund the speak out. CSG, the Black Student Union and Students of Color of Rackham co-sponsored the event; the money was for the room rental, audio-visual equipment and refreshments.

Additionally, new leaders were elected to the CSG Rules Committee and Ethics Committee Tuesday night.

Rackham representative Jared Ferguson was selected as the new chair for the rules committee, the CSG committee responsible for writing and reviewing resolutions related to rules and elections.

Engineering representative Andy Modell, a senior, was elected as rules committee vice chair and Engineering representative Zachary Prebay, a junior, was chosen as the vice chair of the ethics committee. The committee investigates CSG ethical violations and has the ability to recommend the removal of a CSG member if ethical violations are found.

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