At the Central Student Government meeting Tuesday night, the assembly passed a resolution supporting an onsite admissions process in Detroit schools, swore in new representatives and elected new vice chairs for the Finance Committee and for the Resolutions Committee.

CSG passes resolution to support onsite admissions at Detroit Schools

Following a 35-2 vote, the assembly passed a resolution to support onsite admissions at Detroit schools.

The resolution, introduced last week by members of By Any Means Necessary and authored by members of CSG, highlights how minority enrollment has remained stagnant at the University in recent years. The assembly said one method to combat low minority enrollment would be to implement onsite admissions at schools in the Detroit area.

BAMN members were present Tuesday night to encourage the assembly to pass the resolution. BAMN organizer Jose Alvarenga said passing the resolution would be the first step in making the University more inclusive.

“Including onsite admissions at Detroit schools can help lessen the inequality between racial representations by opening doors of opportunity for everyone,“ Alvarenga said.

Prior to the voting process, assembly members introduced an amendment to the resolution, resulting in the addition of a stanza stating CSG does not support violent or intimidating actions that would be taken to promote the resolution. The assembly referred specifically to the actions that took place at the recent Regents meeting.

Last month, BAMN members relocated a University Board of Regents meeting. They lodged criticisms of the University, most notably that no action has been taken to increase minority enrollment. Protestors eventually prompted the board to end the meeting and move to another location.

Some members of the assembly were concerned the amendment would deter from the goal of the resolution. The assembly agreed by vote to change the language of the amendment to say CSG will not support any action that threatens public safety.

Education senior Michael Chrzan is one of the authors of the resolution. He said now that CSG supports onsite admissions in Detroit high schools, the assembly will create a task force to work with the University’s Office of Admissions.

“The Task Force will have until March to report back with either strategies created with Admissions to implement onsite admissions or reasons why the University is unable to do so,” Chrzan said.

CSG will create the task force during the first meeting of winter semester Jan. 13.

CSG swears in newly elected representatives

LSA junior Rachel Webb and Public Health senior Rebecca Shannon were among the group of new representatives inducted into the assembly. They discussed new ideas and strategies they hope to bring to the table.

Webb said she wants to help create transparency between CSG and the student body, especially regarding the allocation of funds to student organizations. She also said she hopes to diversify racial diversity within CSG.

“There weren’t a lot of students of color on CSG, and having diverse representations within the CSG is important if CSG hopes to represent a diverse population,” she said. “So when I ran, I ran with the goal of being a voice to an entirely new view for CSG to consider.”

Shannon said she also wants to bring concerns regarding Public Health to CSG’s consideration.

“We’re really trying to bring Public Health into the entire scope of not only CSG but on Central campus,” she said.

Body elects vice chairs of Finance Committee and Resolutions Committee

CSG also elected new vice chairs for both the Finance Committee and the Resolution Committee.

Engineering senior Robert Greenfield was elected vice chair for the Finance Committee after a blind ballot vote. Greenfield said he hopes his experience as treasurer of the Black Student Union will help him to improve the CSG funding process.

“I’ve raised the budget at the BSU by $25,000, and improved the budgeting process so that it is sensitive both to BSU and other organizations that receive allocated funding from us,” Greenfield said.

LSA senior Andrew Loeb was elected vice chair of the Resolutions Committee.

“I want to continue to work to make resolutions that will produce important positive changes on campus for students,” he said.

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