The Central Student Government Assembly solidified its support of the #BBUM movement Tuesday night, making diversity issues the top priority of its meeting.

After deliberating for more than an hour, the Assembly fast-tracked a resolution supporting the #BBUM movement in the run-up to a Friday meeting between top University administrators and #BBUM organizers.

Public Policy senior Greg Terryn, an author of the resolution, said the Assembly’s near-unanimous passage of the resolution will lend CSG’s authority to #BBUM leaders during Friday’s meeting, which will include E. Royster Harper, vice president for student life, Dean of Students Laura Blake Jones and University Provost Martha Pollack.

“It gives (#BBUM organizers) the ability to speak not only on behalf of their movement but on behalf of the student body,” Terryn said.

In an interview after the meeting, Business senior Shayla Scales, a member of the Black Student Union said Friday’s meeting will focus on the BSU’s budget and minority enrollment within the context of the current legal framework.

Last week the Assembly passed a resolution that addressed minority student enrollment, calling for a Dream Scholarship for undocumented students, and addressed other issues regarding diversity. However, the resolution was only passed after language regarding #BBUM, the BSU and its seven demands was removed.

Three representatives and three leaders of the BSU wrote last week’s resolution, which did not make mention of the BSU or the seven demands.

During the meeting, LSA senior Erick Gavin, an author of the resolution, said while #BBUM originated from the BSU, it’s important the campus community supports the movement.

LSA senior Chris Mays, a representative and author of the resolution, said it’s meant to encourage constructive dialogue between #BBUM organizers and the University.

“I want to make something abundantly clear: This is not a bill about affirmative action,” Mays said when introducing the resolution.

The Assembly spent about an hour poring over the roughly 50 lines of the resolution. Some edits were simply the swapping of prepositions, but others were more substantive, such as one urging CSG President Michael Proppe to e-mail the resolution to every student.

When the resolution finally passed with 26 “yeas” and one abstention, small applause broke out among CSG representatives and the #BBUM leaders present.

Earlier in the meeting, Proppe said he and Public Policy junior Bobby Dishell, CSG vice president, are meeting with University President-elect Mark Schlissel this Friday, and took suggestions for discussion topics.

“Make sure he sees North Campus,” said Engineering junior Andy Modell, a CSG representative, advocating for the lesser-visited segment of the University.

Mays asked Proppe to make sure Schlissel is apprised of any developments with #BBUM.

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