Though polls closed for the CSG November elections at midnight, results from the election will not be released until at least noon Thursday.

Only eight students registered as candidates for the 18 representative positions available in the Assembly for the November election, which is primarily held to fill vacancies in the legislative body.

The more contentious March election featured greater competition for students seeking representative positions, as well as a presidential election, 17 election complaints and an Election Commission hearing on the final day of voting that lasted until 7 a.m. the next day, ultimately delaying results.

Despite a much tamer election featuring none of the aforementioned complexities, the November election will also have a delay in election results, CSG election director Jeremy Garson said.

“We are working with ITS to confirm all of the election results,” Garson wrote. “We will be releasing the results at noon tomorrow as per the Election Code.”

It is unknown why results are being held, though there did appear to be an error with the ballot for Rackham assembly representatives.

Of the 18 seats voted on, eight were for Rackham representative positions though there were no formally registered candidates for the position. The ballot for Rackham assembly representative only allowed voters to write-in one candidate rather than eight.

Rackham has the second highest amount of seats on the Assembly at 10, but only two seats are currently occupied. The ballot is supposed to allow constituents to vote for as many candidates as there are open seats, but seven-eighths of Rackham CSG’s ballot was missing.

The election code section of the CSG Compiled Code states that the election director has 12 hours from the end of the election to release the results to candidates and The Michigan Daily, but traditionally the results are released sooner.

Last year’s November election released results shortly after polls closed at midnight. Though the CSG results were not released, the elected candidates for LSA Student Government and the University of Michigan Engineering Council were both released shortly after midnight.

Garson did not respond to requests for an interview specifically regarding the decision to release the results at noon.

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