Apart from consideration of a proposal related to the University’s investments, two other new resolutions were proposed at Tuesday’s Central Student Government meeting.

First, a resolution was proposed by Michigan Health Aid, a student organization that aims to hold free health clinics for residents of the Ann Arbor area, asking CSG to allocate $5,000 to their efforts. These funds would support the organization’s marketing, medical and general supplies and room rentals.

Representative Emily Sexton, an LSA senior, presented the second resolution. It requests the implementation of a summer pilot for a new sanitation system in the Central Campus Recreation Building. The resolution asked CSG to allocate $6,000 from its budget to the program.

“Right now, there are only two towels in the room that has the most equipment,” Sexton said.

The third proposed resolution was presented in favor of granting students more access to Information Technology Systems computers.

The assembly also voted on five resolutions Tuesday evening.

MUSIC Matters President Darren Appel, a Business senior, and treasurer Nick Bashour, a Business senior, spoke on behalf of a resolution asking CSG to donate $4,900 to the student organization. This funding would go toward funding SpringFest, the organization’s summer concert that includes Common as the headliner. The concert raises money for MUSIC Matters’ summer leadership day camp for underserved Detroit youth.

An amendment to allocate $15,000 instead of the original $4,900 was proposed.

“I think this is the best use of our money that we have left for the rest of the semester,” said LSA junior Jacob Abudaram.

Since the assembly could not agree on an appropriate amount of money to allocate to the cause, the resolution was postponed indefinitely.

The next resolution asked CSG to support the University becoming a signatory on the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment. The resolution described ACUPCC as an effort to address global climate change by working to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions on university campuses. The resolution asked for CSG’s support, not funding.

The resolution passed with 22 assembly members in favor and 12 opposed.

At the end of the meeting, however, CSG President Bobby Dishell, a Public Policy senior, said he was not necessarily satisfied with the vote.

“I will definitely be considering a veto over the next week,” Dishell said.

Dishell said he had issues concerning miscommunication between the organization and the University, and where the University’s funding for signatory membership would originate.

Three additional resolutions passed as well: one, to fund two full-time staff positions — manager and Campus Farm manager — for the University’s Sustainable Food Program, another to allocate $15,000 from CSG’s winter budget to the Student Organization Funding Commission and a third to fund a screening of the documentary “The Hunting Ground.”

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