At last night’s Central Student Government assembly meeting, representatives prepared for a busy week that includes presidential debates, the launch of a new website and St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

Law student Peter Borock, CSG election director, addressed the assembly about the upcoming presidential debates this tomorrow evening and Friday morning. The events will dedicate a little more than an hour for the presidential and vice presidential to discuss their platforms. Though the event will not feature rebuttals, the six presidential and vice presidential candidates will give opening statements and respond to six questions, he said. During the meeting, members also discussed resolutions involving funding and a waste-free initiative at Michigan Stadium.

CSG President DeAndree Watson said the debate will allow students to take a deeper look at this year’s candidates.

“This is not just a popularity contest with name recognition,” Watson said. “Students have the opportunity to come in and explore the platforms and the ideas and personalities of the people that are vying to be their student government leader.”

Watson added that he was excited about the wide range of candidates running this March.

“They all have some fantastic ideas and I’m really proud to see that,” Watson said. “I’m just excited that there are so many people who are willing to serve the student body as well.”

Thursday’s debate will be held at 7 p.m. tomorrow in Auditorium B of Angell Hall, and Friday’s debate will be held for WOLV-TV.

LSA senior Alys Alley, chief programming officer of CSG, also spoke to the assembly about CSG’s planned festivities for St. Patrick’s Day this Saturday that will serve as an alternative to drinking. Alley said she expects more than 1,000 students will attend the “St. Patrick’s Day Bash” on the Diag from noon to 3 p.m.

Alley said CSG will be handing out free food including pizza and churros, and holding activities like face painting.

“We know that students are going to drink on campus, but it’s essentially a way for students to get some free food,” Alley said. “It essentially prevents too quick of an absorption of alcohol.”

Alley emphasized that all students, regardless whether they decide to drink, are encouraged to attend.

“Also for students who chose not to drink on that day, they have a fun space to go and socialize with their friends,” she said.

Engineering junior Kyle Summers, CSG chief of staff, also addressed the assembly last night about CSG’s new website.

While CSG officially changed its name to the Central Student Government in January, its website is just now following suit. CSG had been operating with its old Michigan Student Assembly website in attempt to ease the transition as name recognition increases, but Summers said the new redesigned site will launch today at 6 a.m.

“It’s a complete redesign of the old Michigan Student Assembly website,” Summers said. “Given the name change, we really wanted to rebrand things and use this as an opportunity to re-implement the website — make it really as great as it could be.”

A resolution to support making Michigan Stadium a “zero-waste” stadium was also introduced at the meeting. Engineering junior, Chrissie Zuchora, an Engineering assembly representative and co-author of the resolution, said zero-waste means that close to everything sold at the stadium would be able to be composted or recycled.

“Other campuses, including Ohio State, have already started doing this effort,” Zuchora said. “There’s just too much that goes to waste from our campus and especially from the stadium.”

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