On Tuesday evening, the Central Student Government convened for the second time of the winter semester to propose a budget for the remainder of the academic year.

CSG proposed to budget a $340,740 to be used during the course of the term. Of this total, $203,385 would go to operating expenses of the CSG and the Student Organization Funding Commission, and $92,800 would be used to fund CSG-sponsored activities.

Funding to executive committees and commissions

Representatives proposed that $44,519 of the budget would be allocated toward funding the various committees and commissions of CSG.

The newly formed Entrepreneurship Commission was allocated $8,100, the largest allocation to any of the CSG commissions this term.

CSG President Manish Parikh justified the large budget allocation claiming that the work of the Entrepreneurship Commission is expected to be “the most high-impact work the CSG has ever participated in.”

Parikh outlined that the budget will mainly go toward creating a “Month of Entrepreneurship,” which would be unique to the University. It would create a system for funding student organizations that will be completely student-driven and integrate all the entrepreneurship resources on campus into an easily accessible online platform.

Out of the 22 commissions mentioned in the resolution, 11 were given less than $1,000.

CSG Treasurer Chris Osborn, noted that these numbers did not correlate with the importance but instead were a result of the nature of the commissions. These executive bodies were responsible for aiding and communicating with University administrators rather than conducting events and therefore required less funding from CSG.

Student organization funds

Representatives present at Tuesday’s meeting also discussed the distribution of funds to the student organization Music Matters, which coordinates an annual charity concert at the University.

Music Matters introduced its plan to promote and organize a “Springfest” that would bring a popular artist to campus in April and donate concert profits to charity. Last year, the group was responsible for organizing a J. Cole concert at Hill Auditorium.

LSA representative Arielle Zupmore said CSG should have a stake in major events like the J.Cole concert that took place last year.

“Student government should really aspire to be responsible for putting on such a phenomenal, fun event,” Zupmore said.

The main recipient of the CSG budget is the Student Organization Funding Commission, which is receiving about $140,000. The SOFC is the central body responsible for providing financial resources to the many student organizations on campus.

Osborn said after the meeting that he did not want to “devalue” the worth of the SOFC by incorrectly allocating funds to organizations such as Music Matters that did not show “tangible evidence of people collaborating.” He stressed that SOFC funds would directly influence student life and the general student body.

“I’m really excited for the upcoming semester and all the projects that the commissions are working on,” Osborn said. “However, I really would like to see more money put towards the Student Organization Funding Commission.”

Correction appended: A previous version of this article misspelled the name of CSG Treasurer Chris Osborn.

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