The newly elected 2015-2016 Central Student Government assembly met for the first time Tuesday night.

The first order of business was swearing in LSA junior Cooper Charlton and LSA sophomore Steven Halperin as the new CSG president and vice president, respectively, and the fifth assembly as a whole.

“I … do solemnly swear that I will to the best of my ability preserve and champion the all campus constitution of the Ann Arbor student body,” the assembly announced together.

After being sworn in, Charlton promised three things to the assembly: confidence, respect and execution.

“If we do not do the first two — confidence and respect — we will not be able to execute,” he said. “I hope we will all be able to work together to make sure next year is a great year for not only our students but for the University of Michigan as a whole.”

The assembly also held elections for assembly leadership positions, including speaker of the assembly. Reps. Noah Betman and Ben Meisel, both LSA sophomores, received nominations. Betman was ultimately elected to the post.

As speaker, Betman said he hopes to improve the logistical and transparency issues in the assembly through initiatives such as making the assembly’s agenda known to the general public before meetings and asking representatives to submit reports from their respective meetings.

Reps. Allie Lisner and Catherine Bergin, both LSA sophomores, received nominations for vice speaker of the assembly.

Bergin, who was elected to the position, emphasized the past experiences she felt made her a qualified nominee, such as acting as the host and writer for her high school broadcasting show.

“Despite it being my first year here (on CSG), I feel I would definitely be an asset as vice speaker,” she said.

Third-year Law student Paige Becker, who served as this year’s CSG election director, was the guest speaker at Tuesday’s meeting. The Undergraduate Election Code requires Becker to debrief the assembly after each election.

Becker said there was a voter turnout of 24 percent in this year’s presidential and vice presidential election, which rose from 22 percent in last year’s election. Further, more than 100 candidates ran for a seat on the assembly, and 40 out of the 58 seats on the assembly were contested.

Becker also suggested potential changes to the election code. These included limiting the number of complaints each party is allowed to file, improving campaign volunteer education and the possible institution of a run-off election in certain cases.

The only new piece of business presented in Tuesday’s meeting was a resolution requesting the University’s Investment Office conduct an audit every three years of all companies the University invests in that may be committing unethical practices anywhere in the world.

“I thought that I saw that students weren’t very happy with how the University’s endowment was being spent,” said Engineering senior Andy Modell, author of the resolution.

The resolution further requested if these audits find any companies responsible for immoral actions, they present a plan that will reposition the University’s funds to a “materially superior ethical state.”

The assembly requested the first audit be presented by the end of March 2016. The resolution moved to the resolutions committee.

The complete list of CSG representatives elected to leadership positions:

Finance Committee Chair: Business sophomore Jacob Metzger
Finance Committee Vice Chair: Business sophomore Eva Scarano
Resolutions Committee Chair: LSA sophomore Swathi Shanmugasundaram
Resolutions Committee Vice Chair: LSA junior Lucky Mulpuri
Rules Committee Chair: Rackham student Jared Ferguson
Rules Committee Vice Chair: Rackham student Ramon Martinez
Communications Committee Chair: LSA junior Taylor Helber
Communications Committee Vice Chair: Engineering junior Katy Culver
Executive Nominations Committee Chair: LSA sophomore David Schafer
Executive Nominations Committee Vice Chair: LSA sophomore Andrew Simor
Ethics Committee Chair: LSA sophomore Thomas Hislop
Ethics Committee Vice Chair: LSA sophomore Joe Ambrose

Correction appended: A previous version of this article misquoted CSG President Cooper Charlton. The quote has been updated.

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