Crowd 313 hosted its second annual SoundFest on Saturday night to bring Detroit to University students, rather than bring them to Detroit.

Hosted at the Luther Co-op, SoundFest aimed to promote Crowd 313 and Detroit culture.

“It is not for the purpose to show Detroit what Ann Arbor is like but to show Ann Arbor what Detroit is like,” said Architecture sophomore Olivia Howard, a member of Crowd 313. “We are using the SoundFest to construct a social dialogue.”

The main purpose of the event was to encourage students to visit Detroit and get involved with its culture. Howard said Crowd 313 hosts a number of other events, such as trips downtown and panel discussions, to improve the relationship between Detroit and University students.

“We try to bring people down to the city and let the city speak for itself,” said LSA sophomore Michelle Rabaut, a member of the student org.

LSA junior Alex Gaggino named music as one of Detroit’s most exciting features.

“We hope that people hear some music that they like and get motivated enough to get down to the city on their own to hear the music.” Gaggino said. “So many students, internationals and out-of-staters, have never been to Detroit.”

In addition to the Detroit-based DJs and bands, SoundFest featured Dilla’s Delights, which is run by the uncle of the late J. Dilla, a Detroit-based producer and rapper who is considered one of hip-hop’s most influential figures.

Rabaut also mentioned additional incentives for bringing in Detroit-based artists.

“We discovered last year that the best thing about Detroit-based artists is that it is very easy to connect with them,” she said. “You can talk to them after the concert and connect with them.”

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