Saturday, Eric Crouch became the first Nebraska quarterback to ever win the Heisman Trophy. Crouch beat out Florida quarterback Rex Grossman by just 62 points, the fourth closest margin of victory in the 67-year history of the Heisman. Now, thanks to a Tennessee loss in the SEC championship game, Crouch must prepare to lead the Cornhuskers into Pasadena for the national championship game against Miami.

Paul Wong

By The Numbers:

Crouch ran for 1,115 yards and scored 18 rushing touchdowns. He also passed for 1,510 yards and seven touchdowns. He is one of only three major major college quarterbacks to finish with over 3,000 rushing yards and 4,000 passing yards in a career.

Play of the Year:

In Nebraska”s 20-10 win over Oklahoma on Oct. 27, Crouch caught a 67-yard touchdown pass from Mike Stuntz with 6:17 remaining in the fourth quarter to put the game out of reach for the Sooners.

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