113,511 people attended Saturday’s football game versus the Ohio State Buckeyes, around 1,500 fewer than were at the record-setting Notre Dame game earlier this season. The Ohio State game was the last match in the regular football season.

University Police and other law enforcement personnel located in and around Michigan Stadium took the following actions over the course of the day:

– 6 arrests: Three for minor in possession of alcohol, two for disorderly conduct, and one for resisting and obstructing a police officer.
– 1 citation for possession of a false identification.
– 50 additional ejections: 33 for alcohol in the stadium, six for disorderly conduct, five for possessing another person’s identification, two for minor in possession of alcohol, two for urinating in public and two for unlawful entry.

Medical personnel in and around the stadium assisted 70 people over the course of the day. Sixteen of those were transported to the University Hospital for further treatment.

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