Eight arrested, five ejected from football game

Eight people were arrested during Saturday’s football game at
Michigan Stadium, Department of Public Safety records indicate.
Four of the arrests were for minors in possession of alcohol and
one was wanted on a warrant from another jurisdiction.

Police officers also handed out six citations at the game,
including five for alcohol in the stadium and one for public
urination. Five people were ejected – four were trying to enter the
stadium with other people’s IDs and one was ejected for disorderly

Huron Valley Ambulance treated 24 people during the game. One
person was transported to the hospital for a pre-existing

Three juveniles rob can collector at golf course

The football game also played host to the arrest of three
juveniles for strong-arm robbery. The juveniles reportedly struck a
man with a small bat while he was collecting cans and bottles off
the University golf course.

After hitting the man, the juveniles stole his money. They were
apprehended and released to their parents until DPS takes further

Egg-throwing incident prompts call to DPS

DPS records show a caller from the Diag reported being assaulted
by subjects throwing eggs at midnight on Saturday. Officers checked
the area but found no suspects.

Suspects set fire to library, North Hall garbage cans

Three subjects set fire to garbage cans outside the Harlan
Hatcher Graduate Library early Friday morning, DPS logs indicate.
The records also show that a dumpster outside North Hall was set
ablaze. Officers took reports of the incidents.

Reportedly stolen cart found intact

DPS records indicate a report from the Kellogg Eye Center
Wednesday afternoon that a cart holding a television and dual VCRs
had been taken. The initial report stated that an employee who was
gone for the day might have had some information. DPS reports now
indicate the report was unfounded and the cart was not missing.

Hockey spectator hit by errant puck

A personal injury report was filed with DPS from Yost Ice Arena
during Friday night’s hockey game. A spectator was struck by a
hockey puck while watching the game. DPS records show no serious
injuries sustained in the incident.

West Quad thieves quench thirst with pilfered juice

A woman calling DPS reported seeing several male subjects were
trying to steal juice from the West Quad Residence Hall cafeteria
Saturday morning. DPS is investigating the incident.

Residence hall wall vandalized by fleeing subject

A caller from Mary Markley Residence Hall early Sunday morning
reported that a subject had ripped something, possibly a board, off
a dormitory wall and then ran from the scene. DPS reports do not
show any estimation of damage incurred by the incident.

University employee reports harassing note on car

DPS records show that a caller from Green Road reported that a
University employee had discovered a suspicious and harassing note
taped to her car door Thursday. DPS has no suspects.

Infant formula pilfered from children’s hospital

DPS sent an officer to investigate a report from C.S. Mott
Children’s Hospital that food had been stolen from the nourishment
room Friday evening. The food stolen was apparently infant formula
and does not have a value estimation.

– Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Emily Kraack.



















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