Unknown vandals destroy Church carport property

A caller reported Tuesday that the stairwell on the southeast entrance to Church Street Carport had both a broken window and was missing the push bar. DPS filed a report and said it had no knowledge of who vandalized the Carport, as the perpetrator fled the scene at the time the crime was discovered.

Student rough housing in Res Hall leads to injury

DPS reported Tuesday that an unidentified University student was cut when he struck his head on an exit sign while partaking in horseplay in a hallway in the Bursley Residence Hall. The student was then taken to the University Hospital for treatment of his injury.

License plate fraud discovered, warrant pending

A vehicle containing a fraudulent license plate was discovered Tuesday on Hubbard Street. DPS drew up a report for the faulty license plate and is currently sending it to the prosecuting office to decide whether or not to issue a warrant for the maker of the license plate.

Drunk, underage student arrested, given violation

An intoxicated student was arrested by DPS at William Clements Library on South University Avenue on Wednesday. The student was arrested on charges of being a minor in possession of alcohol and was given a violation. DPS filed a report on the incident.

Person injured by bike fall walks away from scene

The Department of Public Safety was called Tuesday when an unknown person was injured on Bonisteel Street while falling off of his bike. When DPS arrived, the person had already gotten back on the bike and left the scene.

Driving violation leads to exposure of suspended license

A suspect who was pulled over for a traffic offense yesterday and was later arrested as DPS discovered that he was driving on a suspended license and arrested him on an outstanding warrant.

Car theft results in missing CDs and CD player

According to the DPS reports a caller Monday reported that his CDs and CD player were stolen from his vehicle when someone broke his passenger window. The incident occurred on Hubbard Street in the parking lot between parking sections 2330 and 1930.

Fight at Necto broken up upon arrival of police

An apparent fight broke out between about 200 people standing outside of Necto night club early Monday morning. DPS units responded immediately, joined by additional units from the Ann Arbor Police Department. But once the units arrived on the scene, the fighting ended and people cleared the scene. No arrests were made.

Internet thief steals identity, suspect named

DPS reports state that a caller claimed an unknown person had been illegally using his name in e-mail messages being circulated around the University. DPS said this e-mail fraud is in no way connected to Ning Ma, the former Rackham student who stole over 60 e-mail identities.

A suspect has already been named as the perpetrator of such fraud. The name of the suspect has already been submitted to the prosecutor’s office to be reviewed.

Stolen guitar reported, no suspects named

A caller reported that a guitar was stolen from his open room in East Residence Hall on Monday. The report was filed by DPS that Tuesday.

– Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Victoria Edwards





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