Football game is venue for tickets, ejections, arrests

The Department of Public Safety reported that Saturday’s football game produced 11 arrests, including eight MIPs and one assault with no injuries. Officials ticketed 47 individuals; 18 for urinating in public and 29 for alcohol in the stadium.

Four fans were ejected from the game. One of the fans was ejected for an MIP and resisting arrest; a warrant will be pursued against him later. At the game, 76 received medical treatment and 12 were transported to hospitals.

Chemical scare causes laboratory evacuation

DPS and the Ann Arbor Fire Department responded to a call to Randall Laboratory Friday morning in response to a reported chemical spill, according to DPS logs. Upon investigation it was found that no chemical spill had occurred. Fumes escaping from the fume hood prompted the call.

One person was involved in the accident; he was transported to the hospital and received standard chemical exposure treatment, but sustained no serious health complications.

The building was evacuated and Occupational Safety and Environmental Health was also notified.

Embezzlement of cookie store funds investigated

DPS reported that officers are investigating a possible embezzlement at the Mrs. Fields in the Michigan Union Thursday evening. DPS is investigating two suspects, both employees of the establishment.

Thief scores cash, credit cards at Michigan Stadium

A caller reported that his wallet was stolen from his pocket during Saturday’s football game, DPS reports state. The man said his wallet held $350 dollars and various credit cards.

Firefighters douse North U kiosk

According to DPS logs, an officer driving through the area of 700 N. University Ave. reported a kiosk ablaze early Saturday morning. The AAFD was called and put out the fire. The kiosk, made of cement and covered with paper fliers, sustained no serious damage.

Tile layer lacking permit sets off smoke alarms

A contractor at the University Hospital set off the smoke detector while laying floor tile Friday afternoon, according to DPS. He was reportedly using a torch without a burn permit.

Thief smashes window, steals parking permit

A man called a report that someone had stolen his orange University parking permit on Friday. The permit was taken from his car, which was parked in the carport on Church Street, DPS reports stated. The caller said the person had stolen the permit by breaking out the passenger side window of the car.

Golf cart, bikes go head to head near Kresge

A caller Thursday night reported that a golf cart ran into a bike rack and bikes outside the Kresge Medical Research Building, DPS reports state. There were no injuries. A note was left for the bike owners.

Employee proves no match for meat tub

An employee at West Quad Residence Hall injured her back on Wednesday while lifting a 250-pound tub of meat, according to DPS reports. She was not transported to the hospital.

Hospital storage unit glued shut

A caller in the University Hospital parking lot reported that someone had filled the barrel lock of his storage unit with glue or a glue-like substance Wednesday night, according to DPS. Maintenance was called to take care of the situation.

– Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Emily Kraack.



















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