Fight breaks out after car injures pedestrian

A traffic injury in which a car reportedly hit the leg of a
pedestrian escalated into a non-aggravated assault early Saturday
morning. According to Department of Public Safety reports, the
incident – which occurred in the Thompson Street parking garage –
worsened after the victim allegedly punched the vehicle that hit
him. Two people then got out of the vehicle and assaulted the
victim, who sustained several minor injuries, the reports said.

Program stolen during football game Saturday

DPS reports state that a Michigan Football program valued at
$5.00 was allegedly stolen Saturday afternoon during the
Houston-Michigan football game at Michigan Stadium. DPS has no

In other events at the stadium, DPS officers handed out more
than 20 citations for minor in possession of alcohol. Nine other
citations were given for alcohol in the stadium, one for public
urination and two more for throwing projectiles. Across the street
at the University Golf Course, four subjects were given MIPs and
one person was arrested for possessing marijuana.

Shelf breaks, impairs computer

A resident of Mary Markley Residence Hall reported to DPS
Saturday that a shelf in her room broke and fell, causing damage to
her computer. According to DPS reports, the student said the
shelving had been owned by the University. Reports did not state
who was at fault.

Car vandalized by eggs, exterior destroyed

A caller informed police on Saturday night that his vehicle had
been maliciously damaged sometime between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. that
morning. DPS reports state that eggs striking the vehicle caused
damage to the vehicle’s paint job.

Washing machine cause of smoke in Law Quad

DPS reports state that the haze of smoke coming from the Law
Quad basement on Thursday morning originated from a damaged washing
machine. DPS officers became aware of the problem after receiving a
call from someone who had been alarmed by the smell of “electrical

DPS officers also responded to two false alarms that also
occurred Thursday morning. Reports state that the first incident,
which occurred in the Alumni Center on Fletcher Road, was due to a
dirty smoke detector. Officers could not locate a cause behind the
second alarm, originating in the Medical Science Unit I building on
Catherine Street.

Chair stolen out of East Quad reading room

A chair belonging to the Carl Cohen Reading Room in East Quad
Residence Hall was reported stolen Thursday afternoon, DPS reports

The reading room, located near the building’s front desk, is
protected with a keypad lock, as well as several cameras located in
nearby entranceways.

Alcohol, pre-weekend drinking lead to citations

Two people were given citations for having open containers of
alcohol on the Diag Thursday afternoon during Festifall, DPS
reports state.

Officers also issued several MIP citations later that evening.
The citations were the result of three separate incidents, one of
which involved the usage of a fake drivers license, reports

AAPD given stolen purse by hospital workers

A purse that had been reported stolen to the Ann Arbor Police
Department was located in University Hospital early Saturday
morning by hospital security personnel. The purse was taken to the
AAPD to be given to its proper owner.

– Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Maria Sprow.

















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