Custodians climb desks, cause damage, cracks

March 13, 2003

An employee in Wolverine Towers on State Street called the Department of Public Safety on Tuesday to inform officers that Building Services personnel damaged seven desks last year. The caller said the desks were damaged when custodians from Building Services stood on top of them to remove and hang vertical blinds from windows throughout the building, causing the desktops to crack.

Patient becomes violent when staff tries to draw blood

Nov. 21, 2002

A triage patient at the University Hospital Emergency Room became violent when hospital staff tried to draw his blood, DPS reports state. The patient cooperated after officers from the Ann Arbor Police Department and DPS arrived at the scene.

Mother calls for ER transportation to silence her son

Sept. 30, 2002

A person living in Northwood II Apartments on North Campus requested early Thursday morning that an ambulance come to her home, stating that her two-year-old son was crying and coughing uncontrollably. She feared that he was choking or suffering from an asthma attack, DPS reports state.

The caller was met by both the Ann Arbor Fire Department and DPS officers, who said the child was probably suffering from a cold. The mother then refused transportation to the ER and the fire department called Huron Valley Ambulance to cancel the ambulance.

False alarm in Medical Science Building

Sept. 26, 2002

A vendor set off a fire alarm at the Medical Science Research Building Monday morning when he accidentally hit it, according to DPS reports.

Intoxicated man attempts to flee police in neutral

Nov. 30, 2001

Police spotted a man standing in the middle of Fuller Road at approximately 3 a.m. Tuesday, according to Department of Public Safety reports.

The man was standing outside of his car and upon spotting police got in his vehicle and attempted to drive away. He was unable to leave the scene because his car was in neutral.

Woman reports being “spat upon”

Nov. 30, 2001

A woman reported Thursday morning that she was spat upon by a male subject at Taubman Health Care Center on Sept. 9. DPS reports state that she had not reported the occurrence right away because she was trying to contact his “parole officer.”

-Compiled from staff reports.

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