Rock breaks window in Hutchins Hall

According to the Department of Public Safety, malicious destruction of property occurred at Hutchins Hall on Saturday evening.

An officer discovered that an unknown subject had broken the windows in room 132 of the building. The officer also found a rock inside the room underneath the windows, which is suspected to be the instrument of destruction. DPS has no suspects at this time.

Child damages Crisler Arena ventilation grate

DPS reports state that a ventilation grate was damaged at Crisler Arena Saturday evening. A small child was reported to have damaged the grate during the Ann Arbor Pow Wow. A report was filed, but no serious damages occurred.

Pedestrian hit by errant driver at Fletcher carport

A hit-and-run traffic accident occurred at the Fletcher Road carport Friday morning. DPS reports state a pedestrian was struck by a car as it entered the carport. The driver of the car failed to stop after the accident.

The victim of the accident sustained minor injuries and did not need medical attention. DPS officers later located the suspect’s vehicle in the carport.

Disruptive student tries to steal bag, fails in attempt

An attempted larceny from a building occurred at Angell Hall on Friday afternoon. DPS reports state that a subject entered an Angell Hall classroom, became disruptive and tried to steal a bag from another student. Another student prevented the subject from taking the bag.

Subject breaks into office, assaults ‘U’ staff member

A non-aggravated assault was reported at the North Ingalls Building on Thursday morning. A staff member reported to DPS officers that she found a male subject in her office, rummaging through her belongings. Two other staff members attempted to follow the subject, who assaulted one of these staff members.

The victim did not sustain any injuries. DPS took the suspect into custody for assault and attempted larceny.

Wallet stolen from Tisch Hall, credit card used

A larceny was reported at Tisch Hall on Thursday afternoon. DPS reports state that a wallet was reported stolen from a faculty office. One of the credit cards in the wallet was used to make off-campus purchases. DPS has no suspects at this time.

Trespasser found asleep in lounge

A trespasser was discovered at University Hospital late Thursday night. According to DPS reports, the subject was found sleeping in a lounge area. DPS arrested the trespasser on outstanding warrants and cited him for trespassing.

Subject arrested for throwing clipboards

A disorderly subject was arrested at the Dental School on Wednesday afternoon. A staff member at the school reported to DPS that an angry subject was throwing clipboards and causing general disorder in the area of the first floor lobby. DPS arrested the subject on several outstanding warrants and cited him for trespassing.

Fire alarm pulled, students cited for alcohol possession

Several students were cited for liquor law violations at South Quad Residence Hall late Thursday night. DPS was notified that the fire alarm had been pulled at the residence hall, but discovered no fire upon arrival.

After questioning students in the area, DPS officers cited three students for minor in possession of alcohol.

DPS Sgt. Stacy Richmond said the fire alarm incident is still under investigation.

-Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter

Elizabeth Anderson.

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