Students’ attempt to make explosives discovered by DPS

According to the Department of Public Safety, two subjects were discovered making an explosive device at a parking lot on Fuller Road Saturday night. The subjects, who were identified as University students, were making the explosive from a water bottle and assorted cleaning products. DPS Sgt. Stacy Richmond said the subjects were questioned and that the case, which is still under investigation, was turned over to the Washtenaw County prosecutor.

Child found lost, wandering in visit to Mary Markley

A seven-year-old child visiting his brother was left unattended in Mary Markley Residence Hall late Friday night. DPS reports state the child was found wandering the halls of the residence hall. The child’s parents were contacted to retrieve their son.

Skateboarders return, but none are caught

DPS received reports of several subjects skateboarding on University property throughout the day on Friday. Skateboarders were reported at the Regents’ Plaza in the morning, outside the School of Dentistry and near Dennison Hall in the afternoon. DPS reports state that all subjects were gone upon the officers’ arrivals.

Evening hit-and-run accident reported near ‘U’ building

A caller reported a hit-and-run traffic accident outside the Ronald McDonald House on Washington Heights Saturday morning. The caller’s vehicle was hit overnight. DPS filed a report but has no suspects at this time.

Runner caught in traffic accident, sustains injuries

A jogger was involved in a traffic accident near Washtenaw Avenue and North University Avenue Saturday afternoon. DPS reports state the jogger was hit by a vehicle and sustained minor injuries. DPS transported the jogger to University Hospital.

Subjects cited for soliciting outside Yost Ice Arena

An incident of trespassing and solicitation occurred at Yost Ice Arena Saturday afternoon. DPS officers cited two subjects for sales and solicitation on University grounds. One subject was cited for trespassing and escorted from the area. The case is currently under investigation.

Unknown person breaks residence hall window

Malicious destruction of property was reported at Mary Markley Residence Hall late Saturday night. A caller informed DPS officers that an unknown person had broken the window of one of the main doors to the residence hall. DPS notified the building’s maintenance staff and filed a report.

Unattended purse, airline ticket stolen from Angell Hall

A caller reported an incident of larceny at Angell Hall Friday night. DPS reports state the caller left her purse at Angell Hall and discovered it had been stolen when she returned to retrieve it. The purse contained $100 in cash and an airline ticket. DPS has no suspects at this time.

Emergency phone illegally used by drunk minors

Several subjects were arrested for liquor law violations on Geddes Avenue early Friday morning. DPS reports state the subjects illegally used a blue light emergency phone and were under the influence of alcohol. DPS arrested the subjects for minor in possession of alcohol.

Chairs stolen from Couzens Hall

Larceny was reported at Couzens Residence Hall Wednesday morning. A caller reported that five chairs were taken from the residence hall’s computing center. A report was filed but DPS has no suspects at this time.

-Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Elizabeth Anderson.

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