Open car door damages vehicle

Two vehicles sustained damages Tuesday afternoon – one while parked at the main entrance circle drive to Taubman Health Care Center and the other while attempting to pass by the parked vehicle. According to Department of Public Safety reports, the occupant of the first vehicle opened a car door as the other vehicle was passing, hitting it. There were no injuries in the accident.

Shoplifter takes 5-finger discount

An unsuspecting shoplifter was caught on camera Monday afternoon stealing key chains and a pair of pants from the University Hospital gift shop. The security camera showed the person stealing three beaded key chains, each worth $7.50, as well as the pants, worth $55, between 12:40 and 1 p.m. It is unknown if any other items were stolen.

DPS Sgt. Melissa Overton said the suspect has not been identified.

Woman assaulted after complaint of illegal parking

A woman informed DPS officers that a man hit her Monday morning after she attempted to report him for parking his vehicle illegally at the end of a row in a University parking lot. DPS reports did not state where the suspect hit the victim, or whether the victim was injured.

The vehicle owner then fled the scene in a small brown vehicle.

Hospital workers fired after fist fight

Two parking attendants working for University Hospital reportedly began to argue outside the hospital’s main entrance Monday afternoon. Police reports state that the argument erupted into a fistfight, and both employees were terminated.

Residence hall fire snuffed by student

A resident of Couzens Residence Hall reported to police Tuesday afternoon that there was a hand towel burning in a trashcan inside the building. According to DPS reports, no fire alarm sounded, and the resident was able to extinguish the fire before it spread. The hand towel was the only victim of the incident. The trashcan was not damaged, Overton said.

Meanwhile, students at both Alice Lloyd and Mosher-Jordan residence halls heard fire alarms on Tuesday although police did not find any smoke or fire in either case. Police were able to determine that a water leak caused the 6:30 p.m. alarm in Alice Lloyd, but DPS reports did not list a possible cause for the 3:30 a.m. alarm in Mosher Jordan.

Online threats sideline anti-war discussion

Members of a University-affiliated anti-war group holding an online discussion Tuesday morning reported that they received several threatening e-mails from an unknown person.

Overton said the threats had not been specific in nature, but had pertained to the war discussion. A total of six messages were received before the group was able to ban them from sending more, reports said.

Smiley face artist may face charges

A 43-year-old male was questioned and released by police officers Tuesday afternoon after he was caught drawing a smiley face on the center of the Diag. The man was using a permanent marker to apply the grafitti, making it a miscellaneous destruction of property because it does not wash away.

Overton said the man is “somebody (DPS) deals with frequently” for trespassing, making it more likely he will be prosecuted for the crime.

Attempted bank fraud reported

A caller from the Student Activities Building reported Tuesday morning that she and her boss had received e-mails from a person in France, who allegedly offered them money if they permitted the e-mailer to place $1.3 million in their bank accounts.

Man with syringe arrested in hospital

Police arrested a man Monday afternoon for being in violation of a controlled substance after he was found in a University Hospital bathroom stall in need of medical attention. The man was found using a syringe containing an unknown substance. Overton said DPS is currently waiting on lab test results to name the substance contained in the syringe.

– Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Maria Sprow.

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