Subjects trespass, expose themselves in Tisch Hall

Department of Public Safety reports state an incident of indecent exposure that occurred at Tisch Hall early yesterday morning. Two individuals were found trespassing in Tisch Hall after one had exposed himself. DPS arrested the subject and charged him with minor in possession of alcohol and indecent exposure. The case is under additional investigation.

Gold sparkle paint mars Stockwell courtyard

DPS reports state malicious destruction of property occurred outside Stockwell Residence Hall Thursday afternoon. A caller reported that an unknown subject had painted the Stockwell courtyard with gold sparkle paint. DPS has no suspects at this time.

Subject threatens students, asks for money>

According to DPS reports, a subject was harassing students and community members on the Diag Thursday afternoon. The subject was asking some passerbys for money and verbally threatening others. The subject was removed from the Diag and cited for trespassing.

Laptop case, wallet stolen from sleep laboratory

According to DPS reports, a larceny occurred at University Hospital Friday morning. A caller reported to DPS that a laptop case and wallet were stolen from a sleep lab. DPS has no suspects in the theft.

Graffiti spreads the word of ‘faith diminished’

DPS logs state a report of graffiti at Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library Friday afternoon. A caller notified DPS there was black permanent marker written on the side of the building. The words “Faith has diminished for some peace” were written. A report was filed and Building Services were notified. DPS has no suspects.

Subject found in men’s restroom asleep

A trespasser was reported at West Hall Saturday night. A caller reported to DPS that a subject not affiliated with the University was sleeping in the men’s restroom on the first floor of West Hall. DPS reports state that the subject was apprehended, cited for trespassing and escorted from the building.

Fire extinguisher no longer useful, as currently stolen

DPS was notified of larceny at Mosher-Jordan Residence Hall on Friday night. DPS noted a fire extinguisher was stolen from the third floor of the residence hall. A report was filed, but DPS has no suspects at this time.

Broken car door, mirror results in car accident

Malicious destruction of a vehicle occurred at the Thompson Street Carport on Friday night. According to DPS, a caller reported an unknown subject had tried to break into his car while he was away. The car door was damaged and the sideview mirror was broken. DPS filed a report but has no suspects.

Bus driver unsure if he caused crash

DPS reports state a possible traffic accident occurred on Hoover Avenue Wednesday afternoon. A University bus driver reported that a vehicle might have struck the bus he was driving. The bus driver was unsure if he had struck the vehicle. No damage was observed on the bus.

LCD projectors stolen from Mason

According to DPS reports, a larceny occurred at Mason Hall Wednesday night. A caller notified DPS that an alarm was sounding inside a room at Mason Hall. DPS realized that an unknown subject had attempted to steal an LCD projector, but was unsuccessful. DPS then noticed a separate LCD projector had been stolen from another room. DPS has no suspects at this time.

-Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter

Elizabeth Anderson.

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