Custodians climb desks, cause damage, cracks

An employee in Wolverine Towers on State Street called the Department of Public Safety on Tuesday to inform officers that Building Services personnel damaged seven desks last year. The caller said the desks were damaged when custodians from Building Services stood on top of them to remove and hang vertical blinds from windows throughout the building, causing the desktops to crack. According to the DPS incident log, the incidents all occurred between Oct. 10 and Nov. 2.

‘U’ vehicle driver gets gas, leaves without paying

The driver of a University vehicle that stopped to get gas at a Marathon gas station Sunday afternoon allegedly drove away from the station without paying for the gas they received. The Ann Arbor Police Department informed DPS officers of the incident Sunday afternoon. DPS reports state that upon investigation, it was determined the driver believed they could fuel up at any gas station for free.

DPS searches for larceny suspect

A man who has been arrested multiple times for theft in the past was caught on camera trespassing in Mott Children’s Hospital Monday, the same day that a string of larcenies occurred in the complex. Among the items reported stolen were money from a backpack, a cell phone and a wallet, all of which were allegedly stolen between 10 and 11 a.m.

Sgt. Stacy Richmond said DPS is searching for the man, a non-University affiliate, but he would not comment on the suspect’s physical characteristics.

Richmond said cameras are located throughout all the University’s hospitals.

Officer falls on ice during exercise

A police officer reported to DPS that he had fallen and slipped on ice Tuesday morning during a training exercise. The report did not state where the ice was located or whether the officer was injured in the fall.

Office window victim of apparent baseball attack

A broken window located in a Chemistry Building office belonging to a John Smith was maliciously destroyed, possibly by a baseball, DPS reports state. A graduate student discovered the broken window at 5 a.m. Monday and informed officers that the broken window was likely too high to be used to gain entrance to the building, believing that vandalism was the more apparent cause.

DPS reports did not state either the time the destruction occurred or the graduate student’s reason for being inside the Chemistry Building at 5 a.m.

Computer, map case damaged in graduate library

A computer and a map case in the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library were both reported maliciously damaged Tuesday afternoon. DPS officers were informed about the computer at 3:04 p.m. A second call, informing police of the damaged map case, was made at 3:07 p.m. The callers stated that the damage appeared to be purposeful in both cases.

DPS has no suspects.

Dripping water ruins paint job on man’s vehicle

A man who parked his vehicle in the Fletcher Street parking structure Saturday told officers Monday morning that water had dripped from the carport onto his car, causing the paint to come off.

Police arrest trespasser twice in same day

A man who has frequently been seen trespassing on campus was arrested at 1:30 p.m. Monday for trespassing in the Michigan Union, according to the DPS crime log. The arrest, however, did not deter the man from returning to the building later that night. He was spotted and arrested again for trespassing in the Union at 9:25 p.m., DPS reports state.

Would-be thief confronted by victim’s boyfriend

A man calling from the Law Library informed DPS that he observed someone attempting to steal his girlfriend’s wallet. The caller said he confronted the thief, who gave the wallet back and fled the area.

– Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Maria Sprow.

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