Pizza delivery driver punches customer in face during dispute

Department of Public Safety reports state a fight occurred at Bursley Residence Hall Thursday night. A Bursley resident and a pizza delivery driver started fighting because the resident thought the driver took too long to deliver the pizza. The pizza driver punched the resident in the face and then left the scene. According to DPS, the victim was transported to the University Hospital emergency room and the pizza driver was later identified. DPS would not reveal the pizza delivery driver’s place of employment.

Female assaults companion on the street, passes out

DPS reports state a residence hall staff member was assaulted on South Observatory late Friday night. The staff member reported she was with an intoxicated female who assaulted her. No injuries were sustained. The subject was located by DPS officers several blocks away where she had passed out.

Couches stolen from South Quad

Several couches were reported stolen from South Quad Residence Hall lounges Thursday morning. Facilities said the couches were stolen between Feb. 14 and Feb. 28. DPS has no suspects at this time.

Person falls while ice skating, sustains broken tooth

According to DPS reports, a personal injury occurred at Yost Ice Arena Friday night. A subject fell and broke his tooth while ice skating. The subject received transportation to the University Hospital emergency room.

Swastika drawn on West Quad door

Offensive graffiti was reported at West Quad Residence Hall late Friday night. A caller reported that an unknown person drew a swastika on his dry erase board but had since been erased. DPS has no suspects at this time.

Unattended purse reported stolen

DPS reports state a theft occurred Saturday afternoon at the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library. A woman reported her purse stolen from the second-floor reading room when she left the purse unattended for several minutes. DPS has no suspects at this time.

Slip and fall occurs outside Martha Cook

A slip and fall accident occurred outside the Martha Cook Building Saturday night. DPS reports state the injured party was taken to the University Hospital emergency room. The subject was not seriously injured.

Antibiotics lead to allergic reaction

A resident of East Quad Residence Hall reported that his roommate had an allergic reaction to antibiotics Saturday night. The resident was transported to the University Hospital emergency room and had no serious complications from the reaction.

RA reports sexual harassment on door

Sexual harassment occurred at Mary Markley Residence Hall late Saturday night. A resident advisor reported that two messages of a sexual nature were written on his door. The RA did not know who had written the messages and DPS has no suspects at this time.

Message boards reported missing

A resident advisor reported destruction of property in South Quad early Friday morning. The RA stated several message boards were removed from doors in her hall by an unknown party.

Expensive wall display vandalized

A larceny occurred at the Business School Friday afternoon when part of a wall display was destroyed. A book mounted on the wall had pages ripped out of it, DPS reports state. Repair costs for the display are estimated at $200. DPS has no suspects at this time.

Men’s restroom soap dispenser damaged, rendered useless

A caller reported destruction of property at the Graduate Library Friday afternoon. The caller said there was damage done to the soap dispenser in the men’s bathroom in the basement of the library. DPS has no suspects.

-Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Elizabeth Anderson.

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