Police try to keep pedestrians from falling down

A woman, having slipped and fallen on an icy patch in a University Hospital parking lot, reported to the Department of Public Safety Thursday morning that she had injured her thumb in the fall.

The woman told officers that she had known about the icy patch and had previously been careful to avoid it, but had simply forgotten it was there at the time the incident occurred.

According to the DPS incident log, the area was later salted so further injuries could be avoided. However, slip and fall injuries continued to affect the campus.

On Saturday, at least two pedestrians sustained unknown injuries outside University Hospital.

The first injury occurred at 6:30 a.m., but was not reported until 8:27 a.m. The second injury occurred at 8:43 a.m., while the first victim was giving a statement to police.

Cigarette causes more than just second-hand smoke

A dropped cigarette caused a small accidental fire to break out near the University of Michigan Health System women’s hospital Saturday afternoon.

The cigarette caught fire on some leaves, causing smoke but no damage, and DPS reports state that there were no injuries.

Attempted thefts of ATM machine, TV are investigated

DPS is investigating the attempted theft of an ATM machine and television set from the Kresge Business Library. The attempted theft occurred at approximately 3:24 a.m. yesterday. DPS reports state that there were no initial suspects in the incident.

Suspect detained for stealing from MoJo pop machine

A DPS officer patrolling Mosher-Jordan Residence Hall early Friday morning detained a person suspected of stealing pop from a vending machine in the building.

The alleged thief was released pending a warrant, DPS reports state.

Girl Scout cookies reported missing from desk drawer

A University employee discovered last Monday that a box of Girl Scout cookies was missing from her desk drawer.

The woman filed a report on the possible theft to DPS, which has no suspects.

Door to North Ingalls tampered with, possibly damaged

A caller informed DPS officers Feb. 21 that they believed a door leading to the North Ingalls Building had been tampered with.

Nothing was reported missing, but the caller said there were prymarks on the door, and that it appeared a blunt object had damaged the door’s locks.

DPS has no suspects.

Confusion occurs over location of couples’ vehicles

A woman reported to police officers Wednesday night that her husband had taken her car without her consent. The car was later recovered by the Pittsfield Township Police Department and returned to its owner.

In a separate incident, a man who had parked his car in the Church Street parking structure Feb. 23 reported that the car had been stolen, but further investigation showed that the caller’s wife actually had the car.

Trespassing man can’t stay away from Frieze

A person in the Frieze Building reported Wednesday that a thin, white male standing approximately 5-feet-7 and wearing a green army jacket and black skull cap was trespassing in the building.

Other staff members in the building told police officers that the man had been seen picking through the building’s trashcans earlier that morning.

DPS officers were able to locate the man and escort him from the building.

– Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Maria Sprow.

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