Man often loitering near Wyly Hall reported drunk

A man was found loitering inside Sam Wyly Hall Wednesday morning. Department of Public Safety reports state this frequent trespasser of the building was highly intoxicated and escorted to the University Hospital emergency room.

Bus engine set on fire driving through campus

According to DPS reports, a non-University bus caught fire on North University Avenue Wednesday afternoon. The bus’s engine compartment was severely damaged by the fire. There were no injuries in the accident. The cause of the fire is undetermined.

Wheelchairs hit parked car, leave no damage

Twenty wheelchairs damaged a parked vehicle at a parking deck on East Medical Center Drive Wednesday evening. DPS reports state a patient transporter collecting the wheelchairs accidentally ran them into the vehicle, which sustained extensive damage.

Woman passes out in Chem Building, refuses assistance

A caller reported a female fainted at the Chemistry Building Thursday morning. DPS reports state the woman was conscious and breathing when they arrived. Assistance was provided to the woman but she refused transportation to the hospital.

Cardboard box causes flames in Pierpont Commons

A caller reported a fire at Pierpont Commons Thursday afternoon. A cardboard box in the dock area caught fire, causing damage to a nearby passenger elevator. DPS reports state no injuries occurred during the fire.

Attempted theft of N. Campus juice products foiled

According to DPS reports, a caller reported an attempted theft of a suitcase full of juice products at Pierpont Commons Friday afternoon. The suspect attempted to steal the suitcase but failed. The caller described the suspect as an Asian male wearing a black jacket, blue pants and glasses, carrying a black backpack.

Woman reports obscene calls from ‘U’ Hospital

A woman reported an invasion of her voicemail at Taubman Health Care Center Friday morning. The woman said she received several obscene phone calls. DPS has no suspects at this time.

Electronics stolen from UGLi

DPS reports state a student reported his Nextel cell phone and Sony discman were stolen from the Shapiro Undergraduate Library Thursday night. The caller noticed the objects were missing after he left them unattended. DPS has no suspects.

Solicitor removed from South Quad by DPS officers

A person attempting to solicit money from residents at South Quad Residence Hall was escorted from the building Friday afternoon, DPS reports state. The solicitor was asking for funds for a relief project in Ohio.

Student taken to ER after hit by fallen ladder

A caller reported that a ladder fell and struck a resident of Couzens Hall Friday evening. According to DPS, the resident was escorted to the University Hospital emergency room.

Band sleepover crashed by bleach bottles

An incident occurred at William D. Revelli Hall Saturday night involving the Michigan Marching Band. DPS reports state one or two bottles of bleach were thrown into the hall while the Marching Band was having a sleepover. There were no signs of forced entry, DPS Sgt. Stacy Richmond said. DPS has no suspects.

– Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter

Elizabeth Anderson.

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