Sandwich thrown through broken window at Baits

Department of Public Safety reports state a resident of Baits Residence Hall reported his or her door window was broken late Saturday night. The caller also stated that a sandwich was thrown through the broken window. DPS has no suspects at this time.

Money box stolen from Cancer and Geriatrics Center

A caller reported a stolen fund raising box at University Hospital from the Cancer and Geriatrics Center Wednesday morning. According to DPS reports, the box contained an unknown amount of donation money. DPS has no suspects.

Worker falls from ladder, refuses medical attention

A worker fell off his ladder at the Institute of Social Research Wednesday afternoon. According to DPS reports, the worker refused transportation to the hospital.

Wallet reported stolen from Graduate Library

According to DPS reports, a woman reported a stolen wallet from Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library Wednesday evening. The wallet was taken from her backpack while she left the stacks to use the restroom. DPS has no suspects.

Marijuana found in truck at hospital

University Hospital security officers reported two men sitting in a truck at East Medical Center Drive, possibly smoking marijuana late Wednesday night. DPS searched the truck and found a small quantity of marijuana.

Medical equipment worth $10,000 stolen from hospital

A caller reported a piece of an ultrasound machine missing from University Hospital Thursday morning. A witness described the suspect as a white male of medium build with dark hair, wearing a business suit and carrying a briefcase. Initially, the witness thought the suspect was a medical representative. The item stolen is valued at over $10,000.

Woman’s car hit by truck, sustains slight damage

A traffic accident occurred in a lot on East Medical Center Drive Wednesday afternoon. A woman reported that a truck hit her car while she was backing out of the loading dock area. DPS reports slight damage occurred to her steering system.

Firecrackers set off near Markley

DPS reports state several unknown subjects set off multiple packs of firecrackers outside Mary Markley Residence Hall Saturday night. A report was filed but DPS has no suspects.

Four vehicles with slashed tires found in parking lot

A caller reported his car tires were slashed at the Church Street Carport Saturday night. DPS reports state three other vehicles also had slashed tires. DPS has no suspects, but the matter is under investigation.

Minor arrested for alcohol possession, urinating in public

A male subject was arrested for minor in possession of alcohol at a parking lot on Willard Street late Saturday night. DPS reports state the subject was discovered while urinating outside on the lot.

Caller reports CC Little flood

A caller reported a flooded lab in C.C. Little Sciences Building. Water was observed pouring from the ceiling in and maintenance was notified.

In-line skaters cause courtyard damage

A caller reported a group of about five subjects in-line skating in the courtyard of the Business School. The caller reported that they were damaging property.

– Compiled by Daily Staff Reporters Elizabeth Anderson and Emily Kraack.

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